Lucky Girl Candles Review & Jewelry Reveal – 2-9-14

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February 12, 2017
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Lucky Girl Candles, a charitable company, has awesome candles with jewelry! Be sure to check out their website (where you can play games to win discounts and more) to see their scents and place your order. Also, follow them on Facebook as well… so you don’t miss special announcements and sales! These are 100% soy candles with a surprise inside that sell for $24.95! You also get a code to enter on the site that will tell you the value of your jewelry!




  1. Hello there my name is Amanda,  I'm so glad I have found your videos they are so great 🙂 I did subscribe.. Thanks for putting them out there, I have seen most of your videos and noticed how prepared you are lol that is so awesome, I have really gotten into these awesome candles and have really just researched them, My first candles I got where  for mothers day and they where Diamond Candles it was great I loved the surprise, However the candles did not smell as strong as I wished they would have 🙁 However I do enjoy them!  My question is What candles have you tried that really put off the aroma that you just had to get more of?? I did see your video of scent cetera and place an order with them being  that I really like genuine jewelry!!!! and your video really was so good I wanted to try them lol. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you have a great day
     Sincerely Amanda in VT 

  2. I love these jewelry candle companies.  Soy candles really do make a difference in the way they burn and they smell better than paraffin wax candles.

  3. I've seen a couple of your videos. Which candle (with jewelry inside) have you had the best experience with? Which had the best reveal? The best scent and burn time? I'm trying to decide which company to go with. Almost decided JIC Candles, but I also saw your counterfeit silver video.


  4. Teresa Judy says:

    At a size 7 that should make a nice Pinky Ring.  Congrats!

  5. What's ur take on Bella candles? I've heard mixed reviews on them

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