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March 7, 2017
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We make wedding bands for my wife and I.. Hers is a plain band and mine has a copper insert that is retained by a dovetail.



  1. caskwith says:

    Nice work. I make quite a few metal rings on my lathe and I use a slightly different process for shaping that works well when you make different szies. I bore and part the ring in same way as you but then I chuck up a jewellers ring mandrel on the lathe, this is hardened and tapered and of course handles all the sizes of ring. I tap the ring gently into place and then use a series of fine tooth files to do the shaping before polishing.

  2. What, no TIG welded chip diamond on the wifes?

    Cool process to add the copper band to it.

  3. Hey that's cheating!
    The whole time I was going like "how the heck is he going to get that copper ring into the groove". I was expecting some crazy rolling magic or something. I even considered electromagnetic shrinking for a moment, or electroplating the copper in.

    Then you go and take the reasonable way out, and not even show it on camera 😉

    Anyway, it looks just about perfect, so all my fantastic ideas will never see the light of day…

    Still, I wonder… I saw a video on explosion welding recently… now that's a thought…

  4. pjsalchemy says:

    Nice Job, Greg!  They came out real nice!  Curious if the silver solder actually stuck to the Ti or just bonded the Cu joint. Amazing how well it disappeared in the final form!  Was thinking that the different thermal expansion rates of the materials may cause it to separate after a time.  Was thinking that if you made a L&R tool you could put a bevel on the the groove (dovetail) and form the copper into it with some light taps then silver solder, any difference in thermal expansion could be minimized??  Just Thoughts.  Love the idea of a light and strong ring.  Also curious how much that Ti RB ran you?  Thanks for sharing!  ~PJ

  5. Ray Caniglia says:

    Hey Greg,

    Nicely done man, They turned out really nice!


  6. Sorry Gregg I want to see both

  7. Terry Talton says:

    Very cool project and nice work.  My one cautionary comment is that you'll want to seal that copper with something like polyurethane.  If not, it'll turn the adjacent fingers green where they touch it.  Don't ask me how I know.  🙂

  8. Pretty cool man, thanks for showing this.

  9. James Dedmon says:

    Gregg that is a neat idea, my question was it both of your ideas or did you have to talk her into it?

  10. Tom Bordelon says:

    Lets see videos on all the choices!

  11. When I first saw the heading "making his and her wedding rings" I thought hmmmnnn, this aught to be good ;-). Boy was I pleasantly surprised. Those rings came out great. I recently watched a guy making rings out of coins, but this one is different, and hopefully something I might be able to do. Don't know where you get the ideas for these videos, but keep em coming…

  12. Thomas D says:

    Any chance you work on a DX or Chiller system I would love to see a video on it.

  13. George 1960 says:

    Great looking rings,

  14. Charles Eck says:

    Congrats Greg! And also, the rings are sweet.
    Now comes the hard work…Married.
    Best to both of you.
    (Please watch those fingers of yours in those tools as well).

  15. Morris Gallo says:

    Nice job.  You can make a mandrel from delrin rod, just turn down end to a snug fit then press ring on and position ring on arbor.  To tighten run a drywall screw into end.  The delrin is plastic enough to expand from internal pressure of screw and hold ring.
    To keep your other two fingers from turning green, and to keep copper from tarnishing, apply clear nail polish.  You can also coat inside to create tighter fitting ring.

  16. Joe Donohue says:

    Congrats, may you live, long and prosper! 

  17. wolfeman351 says:

    I was not sure what to expect and was amazed at your skill. It has been 30+ years since I used a metal lathe back in high school. Every now and then I run into a situation where I need a custom part for auto repair or other projects abd think "if I only had a lathe". Without spending a ton of bucks what would I look for to do some small work around the garage? Kind of like what you did but not for pretty stuff. More functional. Thanks much.

  18. David Smart says:

    Very nice!

    (Did you notice hers fits perfectly inside yours?)

  19. Greg, great job buddy. My only suggestion, is to make another version that's a little bigger. Married life tends to plump-up, us guys over time, lol… You can swap them out as we "grow".

  20. I commented a little early. Man, that copper insert… Very impressive. Shows an innovative spirit. I was thinking you would have heated and pressed with arbor press (to eliminate a joint) but, it came out perfect. Really impressive man 😉

  21. Amazing video rings look amazing as well

  22. CompEdgeX says:

    Oh man, the points you scored there!! Gimme a hunk of metal QUICK! 😉
    Really nice job Greg and very creative!

    Colin 😉

  23. Argh!!  Thump you camera man on the head! lol  I was looking forward to seeing how you heated/hammered the copper in. LOL  Oh well.  They came out beautiful!!!

  24. Ĺooks good. Ever though about using brass instead of copper?

  25. Interesting.  Thanks for the video.

  26. That looks great.   You saved a lot of money making your own rings.

  27. Hi, surprising result on the copper insert… After polishing it'll be perfect.

  28. Nice attention to detail.
    I am sure both rings mean so much more to each other when hand crafted and beautiful.


  29. ToolGuy says:

    Nice job!. I recently restored a South Bend 9C. I'm looking to get a 4 Jaw chuck for it. What size is yours? I'm thinking of getting a 6". Thanks!

  30. Swarf Rat says:

    What a cool idea! That's better than going to a jewelry store and not finding what you really want. You guys decide the design together and you make them. I don't know of anything that says "I love you!" more than that!  Thanks for a great video and congratulations!
    Have a good one!

  31. Jeff Barr says:

    You should start a Patreon account. Get everyone to chip in for material to help the pocket book. I fund a few other channels this way. 

  32. shezpaul says:

    hi halligan142, can I ask what material you used for the rings. there very nice and I guess its even more special for your partner knowing your time and love went into this. this cant be bought in a shop ANYWHERE.
    nice mate, real nice

  33. nice work! I've made a few rings in the past out of stainless but I may have to do some in titanium now, I also really liked the inlay you did, I think you could do it in a single piece and heat it, slip it on the groove and, with the help of a simple conical shaped die (picture a steep sided funnel) shrink it in to the dovetail groove, the inlay could then be rolled in to force the metal in to the dovetail using a clamp on type knurling tool, this should also cold work the soft inlay metal hardening it somewhat which in theory should help it machine a little better, just some thoughts on it, I may make a die and try it the next time I make rings, perhaps I'm over complicating things for my self though.

  34. David Mm says:

    Way to much talking about what you want to do and not enough doing. You can save a lot of time and just do it. Then explain why as your doing it.

  35. Hello, back again and this time with a question about the boring bore you are using. I am using the Phase II QCTP holder and it came with a Phase II 250-104 boring bar holder with a 3/4 in bore that I am unable to find a boring bar for. Later I bought a Phase II 250-102 boring bar holder that looks like the one you are using. What exactly are you using. I recently bought a 1/2 in boring bar with inserts that fits the holder, but that does not engage the work or cut properly. The Little Machine shop is sending me a replacement, but ? Thanks in advance.   Ken

  36. Nice job on the band saw repair videos. I like the way you show and explain what you are going to do and what alternatives you can take to do the job. Then the explaining the procedure for doing what your doing is great. I learn a lot from  you, but I don’t have the heavy equipment you have, but I do apply your techniques. Please continue with your great videos. I thanks for the once you have made and that which you will make in the future. Good luck and may the chips fall in your favor.

  37. my x wife tried to put a ring in my nose

  38. daveknowshow says:

    nice job, how much did that chunk of titanium cost?

  39. Very Nice job! Some really delicate cutting there, sideloading that dovetail cutter. Nice. Doug

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