Men’s Jewelry and Accessories Review

The Jubilee Ruby Leads Christie’s New York Magnificent Jewels Sale
December 13, 2016
Soufeel Jewelry Haul & Review | Personalized Jewelry & Pandora-Style Bracelets for LESS!
December 13, 2016 Men’s Style, Grooming and Fitness
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In this video male image expert and style consultant Aaron Marino talks about the different options in men’s jewelry and accessories. Aaron Marino is an image consultant who helps men from around the world look their best and feel even better. men’s jewelry and style accessories.



  1. lmfao funny vid. them legs tho lol..

  2. Chris Bryan says:

    I love steel band watches!

  3. I wear four rings, two on each hand. On my right hand on my ring finger I have my class ring and on my pinky I have my family crest. On my left hand on my ring finger I have a a claddagh ring and my wedding band. Is it too much?

  4. Tristan Gump says:

    I know a kid at my school who wears 10 rings every day

  5. gtiger766 says:

    I want a ring like the one you wear in place of your wedding ring, where did you get it?

  6. Theres glass on the watch

  7. Tom Tobin says:

    4:55 …..unless you're in a rock band. Then you're expected to wear lots or rockin' rings.

  8. High Life says:

    i have a pinky ring. yes my family is Italian.

  9. MrMalastoufa says:

    5:47 Am I the only one that has a dirty mind?

  10. Mo Khan says:

    You have chicken legs.

  11. Hello alpha m. my name is Matthew Baumgartner I would like to know what your opinion is on wearing a bracelet and a watch at the same time. Ps you are doing an amazing job and your videos help me alot. Thanks.

  12. truth be told I wear two watches, one is a regular watch and one is my gear s watch, since it's basically a cellphone for my wrist I have it on me all the time, but I also like wearing my nice expensive watches. I can't help it, it gets boring wearing the same watch everyday. so there for I ended up with two watches.

  13. Victor Bogen says:

    I regermen u buy a real eating some ppl r allergic to fake metal and it turns ur ears greens

  14. thumbs up – Great video. I do not wear any rings (not married) ,I do wear a watch (at work it is required-cell phones as a time device is not permitted) and I wear a few small bracelets that color match my watch. Necklaces I just wear my dog tags under my shirt. I keep it simple. thanks for posting this very entertaining video.

  15. ahmadaamer6 says:

    I have 2 handmade leather bracelets from and a lava bead bracelet. I feel like these go good with casual wear and is all I need. I wear only one at a time and I am good to go.

  16. Tommy Yo says:

    5 yrs ago Im late huh

  17. DeadSirius says:

    You forgot tongue piercings… then again, it shouldn't have to be stated.

  18. I've always like the figaro silver bracelet

  19. Your legs are great!

  20. The DarkLord says:

    Great video :). Make sure that whatever you are going to put in your ears is safe, however. Silver will tarnish, can cause localized argyria, and is not recommended for body jewelry. Even 316lvm stainless steel isn't recommended all that much anymore. Titanium is much much safer. Gold and niobium are also good options. For anyone here I would recommend pangea piercings videos on good vs bad jewelry. Safe, bio-compatible jewelry is not always cheap, and it is WELL worth going the extra mile and getting something high quality. After all, this is going INSIDE of your body. Rant over. All in all I love the advice you gave!

  21. I wear a thumb ring for archery?

  22. what the hell alpha why were you wearing a rosary. I'm not Catholic but I know you don't wear a rosary.

  23. Yihao Zhou says:

    Onion ring is the only ring a man should get

  24. yaahme says:

    Ear rings are 4 chicks, dude.

  25. my favorite ring was a silver fraternity ring with a celtic knot design on the face, and a small emerald on the middle. I got it, then I discovered that I'm in the small minority of people that is allergic to silver. Bullshit.

    so now, I can only wear silver if it's glazed, and steel. Because I hate the look of gold. Full stop.

  26. Adam says:

    so old xD

  27. Roger Sallee says:

    I wear a bunch of stainless steel rings. I wear 4 rings on each hand for a total of 8. They are special rings. On my right hand I wear my Green Lantern ring, middle finger is my Superman ring and next to it on my ring finger is my Batman ring and on my pinky is my Star Wars ring. On my left hand I wear Spider-Man ring on my index finger. On my middle finger is my Legion of Superheros and next to it on my ring finger is my Flash ring. I wear my Deadpool ring on my pinky. I wear them all of the time even when I go to sleep. I'm also wearing 6 stainless steel necklaces. They are Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and Avengers. They go great with my ring collection and i'm planning on buying more. I also wear my Batman bracelet on my right wrist.

  28. Hehe, his opinions on style and fashion seem to have changed somewhat since then.

  29. letterphase says:

    "Pardon me, would you have any grey poupon?"

  30. The thing I love is he isn't insensitive but he is honest and assertive, somewhat unafraid to offend a special snowflake.

  31. i like yellow gold…?

  32. Razor Ray says:

    I understand the one ring policy but, why no pinky ring? It's a symbol of success on the hand and a look that I enjoy. Love your videos.

  33. Tom Krausz says:

    Wish I could've seen that fear factor. I wonder why he never made a video about that experience.

  34. I don't plan on it, but my friend asked me this for fashion advise and it got me thinking; what if you wanted to wear a replica of the ring from Lord of the Rings?

  35. Jake Hartman says:

    Aaron, can you wear silver earrings with other gold jewelry? I have diamond studs so it's not that noticeable, but is it weird to have silver in the ears and gold everywhere else?

  36. Derrick says:

    "youre not badass youre a douche"

  37. AkaSh Salve says:

    missing that word………… Gentleman ?

  38. Bridget says:

    it's funny how u put a picture of your legs in this video… hahah that was random as fuck

  39. noah stump says:

    aaron looks like a surfer in this

  40. noah stump says:

    stainless steal chain squad ftw

  41. I'm Italian, and I wear a pinky ring. I'm not a douche. I'm proud to be Italian. What's so wrong with being proud of being Italian?

  42. PuzzleMaster says:

    You were on fear factor?! KOOL, what season and episode…? Id wanna watch it because your in it !!! =) Dont tell me if you won or lost its a surprise. Either way that's really cool =)

  43. WAIT.. is my necklace a choker? my neck is 13 inches around, my necklace is 15 inches end to end. is it a chocker?

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