HRH Collection Review: Swarovski l Jewelry l Chains
December 13, 2016
Engagement Ring Trends 2016 – Jewelry Expert on Fox 10 Phoenix
December 13, 2016

Gift Guide: Mr. Kate! Kate Albrecht of Mr. Kate gives a little tour of a few of her favorite gift item pieces from her Mr. Kate jewelry collection. All designed and handmade by Kate, find out more and shop the whole collection at
Song: “Pinball Spring” by Kevin MacLeod (link: )
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  1. Your jewelry is sooo pretty! I'm so excited for the sale!

  2. you should do more videos show casing your jewelry! its awesome and unique! 

  3. M Maya says:

    I've always been a fan of your jewelry, always thought they're creative/artistic and one of a kind. (:

  4. Fancylooks says:

    Cheerios! Lovely!!!!

  5. Whitney Sews says:

    I love the cheerio pieces…and so awesome that you donated part of the proceeds! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

  6. kamaniisopi says:

    Those jewelry are wayyy too expensive for what they are, Imean 100+ $ for a ring???

  7. Mr. Kate says:

    @aglanceatmyworld thanks Whitney! yeah, those are some of my faves too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Mr. Kate says:

    @Fancylooks thank you!

  9. Mr. Kate says:

    @mayeahmaya that's so nice to hear! thank you so much!!!

  10. Mr. Kate says:

    @bubblegum123POP thank you! I'm so glad you like it! i will definitely try to do more jewelry themed videos! xx

  11. Mr. Kate says:

    @cellularufo yaay! thank you! glad you're excited!!!

  12. Mr. Kate says:

    @yahNickel awww that's so nice! thank you ; )

  13. geperge says:

    you just karate chop it and twist it on? hahaha that actually made me laugh

  14. Xenicus31 says:

    I usually don't watch Right This Minute but you were on it, as well as Becky Stern. I got really excited when I saw your clip on it. (I hope they asked you if they could use it…)

  15. NALOVITA says:

    definitely buying piece. 

  16. so so so so going to take full advantage of your black friday sale!

  17. kella lynn says:

    I love your jewelry soo much!!!!! Then I went on your website….and I saw the prices…oh…

  18. TheLadyhoney says:

    I love your jewelry, but it's really expensive!!
    I love what you do and your chanel.

  19. I have to say, cute stuff, yet very expensive. Maybe I am just a cheap ass…ok I am. BUT, would love to see a "buget friendly" version of this line…..poor folks like to look nice too! lol 😉

  20. i always feel excited to watch ur vids! xD

  21. how much for the mustachio ring? i love it! 

  22. Serena Hime says:

    omg i love the big bows. i have a healthy obsession with bows. i want one !

  23. nail tutorial pleae.(:

  24. marwitta says:

    u remind me a lot of jessica harlow!

  25. alyssa amber says:

    yeah, hi. It's quite alot of money maybe you should think of putting your prices down so i can afford some, not everyones rich. Just saying. But i love them all! xx

  26. Marina Tuyas says:

    Ur prices are too high

  27. knaptap says:

    I'd love to see an updated Mr. Kate jewellery tour… and maybe a video on the process of making jewellery or how to become a jeweller. 🙂 xx

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