My 1st Rocket’s Melts Genuine Jewelry Candle Review & Reveal

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December 24, 2016
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December 24, 2016

This company is currently closed to custom orders until July 3, 2015 while catching up on orders. Please stop by then to see the amazing products that are available to purchase!

Raquel’s amazing son, Aaron James, wrote to my son Jayden and sent him a gift. It touched our hearts! Thank you so much Aaron! You are such a wonderful and caring young man!

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Update: RoCk-It! Fresh has a Level 5 Melt Throw! Simply an amazing scent… addictive!
RoCk-It! Fresh – Pink Sugar & Downy Dryer Fresh Linens enhanced with the aroma of an Early Spring Afternoon blended with the sweetness of Sugar, Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Musk and Light Florals.



  1. My oldest son has the same shirt as ur son!

  2. Happy canada day 

  3. LashawnTerry says:

    Great vid I do like rocket melts her fruity scents are delish. Tfs ?

  4. I love that ring! What size is it, if you don't mind me asking Kim?

  5. HqHoney says:

    That ring was a great surprise. It was beautiful. My size lol 

  6. Liisa Mariie says:

    do you happen to know of any company's that ship to Canada???? TIA Love your videos <3

  7. I love that kid!!! 🙂 great review kim!!

  8. I keep getting ads for fragrant jewels. I wonder if that is legit

  9. Very nice. I can't even believe how much you must spend on candles. I do like your reviews.

  10. christyS6284 says:

    That's beautiful! I bought a bath bomb from fragrant jewelry and I got a $10 ring, it's okay. Not really my style but that's okay. I will have to check out her website because I'm so leery about buying from any jewelry candle sites and how good their products are and candles.

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