Cute Little Altered Wooden Jewelry Gift Box
December 19, 2016
Vintage Engagement Rings December 16
December 19, 2016

Watch in HD 🙂

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  1. Jazzy Pandaa says:

    Your necklace is so beautiful! 

  2. Wow can't get over the quality of your new camera, it's just AWESOME!! Will definitely check out her (forgot her name already lol) Instagram and etsy page since I haven't found a wedding band yet (I'll be getting married this year)

  3. SParkApCider says:

    The camera is the truth! ???

  4. Sitting there looking like new money!

  5. real_SLH says:

    Is it a diamond? U mention diamond when u refer to your 1st ring but when u refer to the new ring you say solitaire. Just curious. 

  6. Kelly says:

    Love! I'm going to get my new set from her now! Did you upgrade to white gold or is that the silver? 

  7. Marie Taylor says:

    The fact that it's conflict-free makes it all the better. I will definitely have to check out her site,  and I will mention you. 

  8. Bajan Girl says:

    we luv it..just beautiful..

  9. How did this video slip by my eyes on my timeline! lol. BUT, I told my hubby that I wanted to upgrade my wedding ring also this year. We will be married 5 years in September and my first ring is a champagne colored ring that was purchased at Zales. I've be shopping around and my goodness, what I want it beyond our budget, so looking at this site is very helpful! Gonna pass this info off to my hubby tomorrow. 

  10. jrmetmoi says:


  11. Elle W says:

    Gorgeous ring! I've been looking at Tigergemstones and was wondering how your ring is holding up?

  12. vponte2002 says:

    After all this time how is the first one still looking? Foggy at all?

  13. sheryllw says:

    how many panels is on the room divider your using in this? i'm thinking of getting one.

  14. how has the ring held up after a year? :)

  15. MrsNmommy says:

    How's your ring holding up? I lost my $6000 set ??and I've been thinking of buying from tabitha for some time now. Just haven't took the plunge ;)

  16. metroboy11 says:

    check out my unboxing of my engagement ring! It just came in.

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