My Rings – Promise Ring + Engagement Ring + Wedding Ring

rings on fingers, rings on thumbs!
December 26, 2016
Jeulia Jewelry Reviews 3 0 CT Black Diamond Skull Engagement Ring
December 27, 2016

Hey Brats!!!
This video was requested by quite a few people, who all wanted an up close view of all my rings that I received throughout my relationship with Chris. So here it i, I hope you enjoy.

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  1. OMG I'm so happy for you 🙂 you guys are goals! I love your videos and you guys in general. you both seem so nice!

  2. omg u guys r so cute congrats

  3. Rink1707 says:

    Love you guys.

  4. Love watching your videos! I think you should totally wear the engagement ring on your right hand! It's beautiful and unique! ?????

    You Guys are so Cute
    I love The Ring Too (:

  6. You and your husband are goals ?

  7. You guys are so cute LOVEE your rings!

  8. Your relationship seems so fun and pure, definately goals ?

  9. You guys are too cute ??

  10. I like those rings your husband is so so nice congrats again

  11. Nikki Love says:

    +MsBritbrat1986 aww pretty rings you seems so happy Congratulation ma.?

  12. Just done chatting with you in periscope

  13. Omg you and your husband are so goals??

  14. Youtuber 24 says:

    Aww this is cute!

  15. hawaomar100 says:

    You are so sweet. Your rings are beautiful. If your promise ring and engagment ring is dull and made of silver there is an easy way to bring it back to life. All you need is boiling water, baking soda and aluminum foil. Just search it on youtube. I shine my silver (earrings, necklace, etc.) all the time with that trick. Congrats on your almost 1 yr anniversary. Wish you two the best.

  16. L Michelle says:

    This is so beautiful, marriage is such a blessing.?? #11yearsofmarriedbliss

  17. So where is your wedding band??

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