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February 7, 2017
Vintage Engagement Rings February 7
February 7, 2017


  1. Your ring is stunning! Very beautiful! 

  2. Thang Nguyen says:

    it s lovely. Do you mind letting me know what size of ring finger are you?

  3. hawaomar100 says:

    I love this classic tiffiany style! congrats and best of luck!

  4. Woodly Elan says:

    watch my ring video

  5. Andreina200 says:

    What a beautiful ring! Could you tell us about the clarity? 

  6. William So says:

    That's beautiful!  Thank you for sharing.  I was wondering what the diameter in mm is for the 0.83ct diamond?   

  7. WuChanTime says:

    Beautiful ring! What are the specs on your ring? Clarity, and colour? Its .83 carats?

  8. Giovanni M. says:

    Too much money wasted. 

  9. Reika says:

    im curious how much did you pay for your ring?

  10. Yvonne L says:

    People say buying Tiffany is just buying a name but there's something so beautiful and sparkly and special about Tiffany rings that no other brand has.

  11. wow. I'm looking at diamonds, and I've got to say your diamond is the most sparking I've ever seen! I'd love to know details from the report (such as table/depth percent, and crown/pavilion angle) to use as a model.

  12. Effie Liu says:

    Hi do you mind telling me the cost of this ring? We are thinking about getting one.

  13. It's lovely. Lucky girl!

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