New Jewelry Haul and review from feat sparkly earrings and statement ring

How Ritani Engagement Rings Are Made
January 18, 2017
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January 18, 2017

Let me start from saying I LOVE-love-LOVE jewelry! Also one of my favorite places to shop for good quality affordable jewelry is I feel like it has very nice selection of silver/gold and fashion jewelry plus awesome deals on perfumes (see the link to my last perfume haul below).
Soooo I bought a few pieces that I’ve been wanting for a long time, and used up my Christmas money on them!
If I had to choose one absolute favorite from this haul, it probably would have to be the ring with amethyst and peridots nad silver. It’s soooo beautiful!
Let me know what you think of these pieces, and please don’t forget to rate this video!
link to the perfume haul:

Jewelry links:

All these pieces of jewelry I bought with my own money, and have no affiliation with the overstock company.



  1. @Anastasia4141 thanks!:)

  2. @Anastasia4141 thanks, camera has a tendency to make everything look better:)) i guess it's subjective, but I did like the earrings themselves a lot!

  3. @TheBipolarBroom thank you:)

  4. did it turn your finger green

  5. if you r referring to the ring, no, it didn't

  6. Austin W says:

    Hehe you are adorable. Great vid/review. I love the part where you are talking about breaking up with the earrings, sucks they had that manufacturing issue. 🙁 They were super cute. 

  7. Маша вы прекрасный видио-блоггер! :)))))))))

  8. Candi R says:

    Beautiful. Love purple stones.

  9. great review I like too I bought my sterling silver wedding band there =)

  10. There is a pendant that matches those earrings you loved sold on amazon.  Same manufacturer. The pendant dangles freely.  

  11. I know this review is three years old, but I just stumbled across it and wanted to reach out to you since you loved them… You received a bad pair of the Art Deco Opal earrings you loved on I work for the brand CGC and we supply Overstock with pieces from our brand. Quality control issues were fixed with this style. You will receive a perfect pair that moves freely if you reorder these earrings on Overstock. Thanks so much for your feeedback!  Here's the link:

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