Novel Box® Jewelry Medium Necklace Box in Black Leather (Fillmore Collection) on Amazon

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February 24, 2017
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This review is for the box that is a textured semi-gloss faux leather.

If you create custom jewelry, sell vintage jewelry, or are an online or standing shop retailer, having a quality presentation box is that finishing touch to a sale.
That translates as happy customers, happy customers are REPEAT customers!

Perhaps you simply need one box to store or gift a personal piece.

This offering from Novel Box® is suitable for either gender, and lends itself well to even very modern pieces.
This is a two piece packer, the outer box is elegantly textured, and that same texturing is carried over to the presentation box. That bit of detailing gives an upscale designer look to the product.
Chains of all sizes work well with this box. It has the standard covered wire tabs to hold your necklace in place, and show it to it’s best advantage. Tabs are large enough to accommodate a bolder statement chain.

The Novel Box company has been around a long time, and is well known in the trade. They can customize a jewelry box to suit your specific needs, and hot stamp your business name or logo on a box.
For custom business premiums, wedding or reunion souvenirs, using a custom printed box (with a logo lapel pin, key chain, or other memento inside) gives people a keepsake that will never be forgotten.

While some of their products are made overseas, many are American made right here in the USA.

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