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January 11, 2017
AliExpress Haul: Jewelry!!
January 12, 2017

In today’s daily vlog we talk about our wedding rings. We go into detail about Makenna’s white gold engagement ring and wedding band that has both princess cut diamonds and a round cut diamond. We also talk about Kyle’s tungsten wedding band. We love out wedding rings and think they fit us perfectly. Thanks for watching today’s vlog. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Ryan James says:

    I got my fiance her engagement ring at a consignment store that has a lot of vintage stuff we frequent. Rhodium silver, a blue topaz as the center stone, and white topaz surrounding it for $60. Sometimes you can find great stuff at other places than the expensive jewelry stores.

  2. Helen Smith says:

    At 0:38 I thought you were going to continue with the same "and there's Makenna… she's a pretty cute cat too, just dumb sometimes!" (It would have gone great with the "If we had kids like that I'd punch them in the head" remark from the other day!!) Yeah, it's not nice, but funny!!

  3. If you take an anti acid medicine every day it can permanently get rid of all your warts. It kills the virus in your body that causes them! (: My sister has always had the same problem.

  4. Kyle going through drawers made me giggle 😀 your rings are gorgeous and suit you ^_^ ooh… new Kyle video as well..darn you spoil me :D

  5. Rings don't need to break the bank- my engagement ring was my aunt's who passed away, my wedding band is new but was not super expensive

  6. Your rings are soo beautiful!!!!

  7. Makenna, your ring set is perfect and tímeless. I love white gold. For me it´s curious that you both have different wedding rings. In Portugal the bride´s ring is equal  to the bridegroom´s. Please tell me something: is the bride supposed to buy the bridegroom´s ring? How did Kyle find out your size to buy the engagement ring? Changing subject: there is a tradition in Portugal which goes like this: a person offers red carnations to Saint Bartholomew and the warts are supposed to disappear. I´ll offer some carnations for you. Maybe it will work : ))))))

  8. thanks for sharing, your rings are so nice!!! I love looking at rings, especially since I'm hoping to get one soon myself… still loving the intros!

  9. Kyle if you want some rings for the both of you when you go hiking, or you're at work Kyle or the gym, anywhere where you're active….then check out Qalo silicon rings!! I think they're $20 each! They're really popular for guys in the military, literally everyone on my husband's team has one!

  10. Luis C says:

    Just want to mention I am loving the new intros! Great job!

  11. Hot Cheetos says:

    i love the personal touch to your rings!!!! i had a co worker that had a wart on her face!!! Makenna your wart is not that bad!!! GOLOCO

  12. You guys should look into qalo rings their good for things like working out and they have some that are for like mechanics and sustain high amounts of heat and oils.

  13. kyle get your ring tatted on since you cant wear it all the time

  14. Trisha B says:

    I LOVE Makenna's wedding ring! How sweet that he started saving before you even started dating! It was meant to be!

  15. Toni Lee says:

    Haha no way! I went to a wedding convention and I got a discount for JVL jewelry too! I love the way it looks.

  16. MeghanHaas says:

    I love your rings Makenna!! that's exactly what I want my boyfriend to get me

  17. Could you plz accept my snapchat account

  18. I've got a scar from that on my hand too

  19. Sam Sitar says:

    food you eat now means less stuff you will move later. both of your rings are fantastic.

  20. I loved Makenna's wedding rings story XD
    Her story was totally better than Kyle's story! Hahaha

    Thanks for sharing with us your story! ??

    Both of you always inspire me to believe in the beauty of the Holy matrimony.

    ¡Se les quiere mucho y se les manda un fuerte abrazo a los dos desde Houston,Texas! ??

    Ps. Kyle gave me a good idea…
    I think I will open a saving account only for an engagement ring! [:
    I am not in a relationship but if in a future God puts someone in my life, my future wife will know that I was waiting for her.

    God bless you Kyle and Makenna! ??

    And thanks to both of you for being a proof that True love is real!

    I know I'm writing a lot but think "I gott love"! ✌?️?

  21. Jen M says:

    That's funny, when I heard that you were embarrassed about the scar I wondered if it was from a wart because I had one on the top of one of my feet and it's scarred and I used to be HORRIBLY embarrassed about it. It still is a bit as it's very noticeable, but it's been like 18 years and it faded some so I guess I'm just like 'whatever' now. Round scar.

    I'm so happy that was the only one I ever got. My sisters got them bad.

  22. Use coconut oil in Carl's food to fix the stomach issues if it doesn't work it won't hurt

  23. just curious, what do you guys think of the presidential race? how does it work to vote from your base?

  24. Gloria Petit says:

    Shoot, my future ring will be from Walmart! Gotta save some money. lol

  25. CreoleCutieB says:

    Why was that just so heart melting? When you said he started saving up before you guys started dating and Kyle elaborated on the story, it just made my heart melt. That's so sweet and I love Makenna's ring.

  26. Megan McRae says:

    Hey kyle, yall should really look into getting Qalo rings. I know you said you probably can't wear them, but if your command says you can then they are great for work and adventures. My husband wears his in the field and is only allowed to because if they snag on anything they will just break so you don't injure yourself. Plus they're comfy when you fall asleep on your hand ?

  27. love your ring! it is gorgeous!! my husband wasnt allowed to wear his to work either for AMMO and then he took it off at the gym and lost it so he got a tattoo LOL I swear completely his idea haha

  28. Hi, Kyle! How did you find out Makenna´s ring size without asking her?

  29. Brian Bayer says:

    I saved for two months for my wife's set

  30. heckbr2 says:

    I used to have warts on my knuckles as well! Had them freezed off, cut off, etc. and they would come back. I've found that Dr. Scholls Freeze Away works. I just have one left now that I've had for ten years, so it's stubborn. Basically you can freeze the wart at home then daily apply an acid over it and eventually it'll kill the wart. Takes time but maybe you guys will like it. It's much cheaper since doctor visits add up and you just do it at home. Hope that helps!

  31. Hunter says:

    I work in a pawn shop and I work with diamonds all the time. Just let me tell you jewelry store want outrageous prices for diamonds. A 1ct diamond is $1000 from them (just the diamond) but it's great how her rings match. Very good set Kyle.

  32. I had warts on my arm, on my head, and my fingers

  33. I want a family like urs someday…

  34. Beautiful rings
    when are you planning to have children?

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