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January 26, 2017
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January 26, 2017

Palm Beach Jewelry Review: I received these items from coupon code and i was able to get these items for free without any sales tax or shipping charges. Palm Beach Jewelry have very nice Jewelry selections and the prices are very reasonable. Once you give this company your email address; it affords you the opportunity to get gift cards and also coupon codes with certain percentages off your purchase. This Jewelry company is a great place to shop if you are making small purchases but also for making purchases for Engagement rings or Wedding rings. You can visit my blog at:

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  1. Cute! And you cant beat free by no means!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. So I know you are enjoying those coupons as well. Now, that you mentioned it; is PalmBeach Jewelry, the jewelry that is featured in Woman within or Roamans because i would see Jewelry in those catalogs but I thought Woman Within was the maker of that Jewelry?

  3. Thank you. Free is a great incentive Tree. lol. The bracelets are nice and heavy too.

  4. That is very cute and I just bought some Pink earring just like that today ;0)

  5. I know those must be beautiful. 

  6. They are I know you will enjoy yours they are beautiful as well

  7. I ordered with them before in the past bought a ring and some perfume did the 4 payment installment so I didn't have to pay the full price right off the back I love this company 

  8. J Starr says:

    does it come with a receipt ? like i want to send it as a gift .

  9. Carpe Diem says:

    Sasha thank you for sharing. This is very helpful!

  10. I'm selling jewelry I will try ok thank you 

  11. hi I just wanted to tell you that I before ordering from this company I checked out your video. It was because of you I went ahead and ordered a beautiful ring set. I have to tell you that you are so right!! I just got my ringset and the coolest free gift. I am thrilled about this… thank you once again. your friend kathleen from pennsylvania ;)

  12. those the gold rings turns your finger green becuase i was reading something that say dont let the hot water or steam fall on it i will like to no why cant you take a shower with it if it say 14 karat gold

  13. I recently ordered my boyfriend a chain from Palm Beach Jewelry and it did come with a free gift !!

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