Review: Jewelry Payless (2 Tiffany-Inspired Items!)

Soufeel Jewelry Open Box Review!
December 13, 2016
Engagement Rings For Every Budget
December 13, 2016

Click here for my 20k contest/giveaway for a chance to win a $50 Jewelry Payless gift card and other awesome prizes:

Things I forgot to mention…
-JP is based in Southern Califonia. I live about an hour away, so maybe that’s why I got the package so fast.
– One con about this website is the accuracy of the pictures. I wished there were more views of each piece (perhaps on a mannequin), so you can get a better idea of what they look like without reading the description.

Promo Code:
25% off until November 30, 2010

Items Shown:
Van Cleef and Arpel Inspired Cubic Zirconia CZ Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Sterling Silver Elsa Perretti Teardop Tiffany Style Necklace
* The engraving on the pendant is the stamping to authenticate that its sterling silver =)
Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Quadruple StarTiffany Style Necklace

Multi Strand Sterling SilverTriple Pearl Cubic Zirconia Box Necklace

FTC Disclaimer:
The items shown were gifted for review purposes. I am not affiliated with this company nor was I paid to do this review. Everything said is my honest opinion =)

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  1. Hilary Fung says:

    Tutorial on putting clear coat on earrings PLEASE!

  2. d0rkette212 says:

    can you tell us more about putting nail polish on the earring? I have the same problem you do and I can never wear fake earrings :(

  3. maplemilky says:

    Hello~ where do you buy your cami or tank? I really like your cami that you're wearing in this video, and I don't know where to get them 🙁 

  4. Can you please make it a YouTube giveaway?

    I found so many things I wanna buy from the website! 

  5. @LooseEndsTiedInKnots Heehee I always end up buying something for myself when I do christmas shopping. Ya definitely grab something before the coupon expires!! ^^

  6. @EseUrinai Aw thanks, love!!

  7. @Mimelo13 Oh please lol Thank you! I really love that piece, too!

  8. @oo0Claire0oo Heehee aren't they gorgeous?? I'm glad you dropped by =]

  9. @msvctd Thanks for the request! I'll add that to my list =)

  10. @hamiltonmcmaster I'm from Taiwan originally ^^

  11. @Metalmandy8 It may look good, but it might not smell so pretty lol I have really dry hair, so it doesn't get greasy so fast :]

  12. @Metalmandy8 Haha get some! ;D

  13. @jessie3241122 You can use a clear nail polish, but that trick doesn't work on me. I'm actually ordering that product from Asia, so I'll probably do a vid then ^^

  14. @PatrickChanLover Okay I'll add it to my list for sure =]

  15. @nkaujnag08 My ears get like that, too!! So annoying lol With rings, you can apply a light layer of clear nail polish on the inside so the metal is not directly on your skin =]

  16. @d0rkette212 If you just apply a light layer of clear nail polish on the stud or hook and let dry, it may fix the problem. That doesn't work for me for some reason. I'm ordering a product especially made for jewelry. I'll probably do a vid when I get it ^^

  17. @maplemilky I got mine from Nordstrom years ago =]

  18. @amrueva21 haha really? Thank you <3

  19. @sakuraness It may work for some ppl…unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. There's a Japanese product made specifically for jewelry. I'm ordering it right now…do a vid when it arrives ^^

  20. wataoOoo says:

    Hi, I am wondering if the poliish on ear stud really works, and what kind of polish do you use? is there a particular brand? cuz I am like you I can only wear gold or white gold, which really sucks cuz they are expensive and don't have as much design. So I kind of stopped wearing earrings 🙁 Please Please let me know! I am very curious.

  21. @wataoOoo Check out my DIY earring holder video (also the comment section, too). I talked about it in there =)

  22. d0rkette212 says:

    @YaYaLifestyle oh cool! 

  23. d0rkette212 says:

    @YaYaLifestyle Thanks for the reply! 

  24. crazieecool says:

    you should do more makeup tutorials! when i go to your fb, your pictures are amazing! prettyyy :)♥♥

  25. okhi says:

    ooh. thanks for the review! these will make great gifts for my friends!

  26. i love your reviews! ^_^

  27. yreana says:

    Love the earrings! Too bad – Looks like all of the prices went up about $10 since this review 🙁 

  28. j2mjen says:

    I bought a few rings from here… I think their products are hit or miss, but more hit than miss…. if that makes sense. Planning on doing a review soon!

  29. heleneea says:

    does clear nail polish really work with earrings?
    will it prevent rusting too?

  30. fraglesws1 says:

    LOVE – This Biutiful – LOVE THIS !

  31. patricia lee says:

    i love your nailpolish color! (: what brand/color is it?

  32. alexxsignor says:

    great review! usually hate watching stuff like this because everyone's really fake or annoying but you're really sweet and genuine. thanks for posting!

  33. 0w0able says:

    I really like your voice :)

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