(Custom Jewelry Review) Don’t Spend A Penny Until You Watch This
December 14, 2016
Should Men Wear Engagement Rings Too?
December 14, 2016


I am reviewing 2 Jewelry In Candles products and have to say what an amazing concept this is. For those of you who don’t know what Jewelry In Candles are… well it’s candles with a twist… u get a piece of jewelry inside every candle, it’s like Christmas every-time you get one. I give these products 5 *’s and plan to be a life long customer of this company. Thanks for watching and please show some love and SUBSCRIBE!!
Below is the link and promo code if you want to get one for yourself, friends or family, it’s a phenomenal gift to give to anyone.


Diamond Candles ring review

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  1. do you mind me using this on my fb page to promote the candles??

  2. 420HoneyBee says:

    no I don't mind at all wish you the best luck happy to help! if you send me a personal message on facebook I will like your page as well if you would like me to? @Kimberly Solis candycrumbles@gmail

  3. I just ordered one and I can't wait to get it. What shocked me was that they do deliver to Canada or ship I should say well as in diamond don't and they won't which sucks so needless to say I'm so excited you did this video for this candle cuz I can't wait to get mine.

  4. What is the coupon code? I can't view your description box. 

  5. Brandi Smith says:

    Are you a representative?

  6. I can't find you on facebook, but can you find me. (Chandra Carter)

  7. Hi just wanted you to know that me and my friend have told our customers to check out you video if they want to get a good look at how to product is and works, because you give a great video of it

  8. arudi77 says:

    I shared this on my fanpage..thank you so much for your review.

  9. And your positive it's not silver played it's actual sterling silver 

  10. In the cubes are there jewelry in every piece or just in one block?

  11. love this reveal? check out this one too.. 3 reveals in one from this company Jewelry in Candles 3 reveals in 1

  12. Love yours :)! I love these candles so much! Here is my reveal! Jewelry in Candles! The reveal!

  13. You don't know its real till you test it

  14. MandyDoll says:

    Thank you for making this video! I could not imagine it what a "jewelry in a candle" could be and was imagining something ridiculous! Lol Thank you! =)

  15. Great video ! great success ! :)

  16. Misty Horst says:

    I am a rep of theirs as well… so I would like to note…have the stones tested..you do on occasion get real diamonds in the jewelry…along with real silver and gold. :)

  17. imknattie says:

    how much were they worth?

  18. tanya murphy says:

    My favorite candle of theirs so far is Love potion.

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