SEPTUM PIERCING || Jewelry Haul and Review

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January 4, 2017
Jewelry In Candles Cool Gift: Ashley Craig
January 4, 2017

After sampling through many types of septum jewelry, I have come to a few conclusions.

Circular Barbell: 1:37 (not curved, like I say in the video)
Gold Hoop: 4:22
Bendable Ornate Wire: 7:29
Clicker #1: 12:40
Clicker #2: 14:22
Clicker #3: 15:29
Clicker #4: 18:28

Don’t mind my extreme awkwardness, that’s just…how I’ve been for 18 years now.

Also, I apologize for being so slow to make a new video – I’ve just been really lazy about editing this down to 20 minutes, because my dumb bum talks a lot and I had to cut out oodles and doodles of irrelevant-ness. Tis life. I shall work on that fo’ sho.


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  1. omg the earing septum is a life hack everyone with septum ring should know!

  2. Ellen S. says:

    lol you said 5 mins is a long time but it has taken me 1 hour to put in nose rings that i can't figure out (i have a nostril and septum piercing)

  3. Jade Smith says:

    Does it matter if I was pierced with a large jewelry and want to sometimes wear a thin one? Will my hole close up more?

  4. Aira Sam says:

    Jesus, girl.
    Put that second (earring) piercing from the other side! Doh….. (poker face)

  5. where do you get your nose rings?

  6. Ellulaith says:

    I was pierced with the circular barbell and sadly I can't flip it up at all. It's too long for my nose and it won't hide either way. So I'm stuck with this unattractive jewelry until it's healed. You look lovely by the way c:

  7. The hitler moustache ???? more videos please! X

  8. FamousDez says:

    song name pleae

  9. How old were you when you got it done? And if it was under 18 how did you get it done without parents or did you do it yourself?

  10. Gem Gem says:

    I've seen a lot of sterling silver septum jewelry I liked but then I heard it may give problems. ? Have you experienced any of that?

  11. oh my gosh! i really enjoyed your video c: you remind me of Julia Roberts. Especially your mouth shape. Absolutely love haha :P

  12. Umm I watched this and immediately wished we were friends. Your personality is just A+ and you're cool AF.

  13. This just made me want my septum pierced even more! ?

  14. iris muddy says:

    love this thanks :D

  15. TeeTube says:

    For the gold ring, if you put the none hinge end through first it should be easier. Then all you have to do is aim when the hinge is outside of your nostril and once you've got It in just rotate the jewellery so the hinge is in the piercing hole (this sounds rly complicated lol my bad)  may help you put it in :)

  16. Max Mah says:

    Ur so preety with the ring ?

  17. whats the background song at the beginning?

  18. They do make beautiful ornate jewelry out of real gold! That way they won't break or discolour

  19. I can't un-see the Hitler stash either. oh gosh

  20. Olivia Ward says:

    Where did you purchase these?

  21. Ana Loya says:

    this video just makes me want to get my septum pierced

  22. You are literally the image of Emma Roberts wtf

  23. She reminds me of Juliet Simms……

  24. Ava Williams says:

    where can you buy fancy septum rings???

  25. Inked_Mitten says:

    As soon as you said Hitler tash I couldn't seen anything but a hitler tash. I got my septum pierced yesterday so glad I've done it.

  26. If I had a nose ring and flipped it up, would I be able to do sports with it- like go upside down on horses?

  27. heyitssjace says:

    I bought a dangly clicker recently, but it's very wiggly. I also feel like maybe it's too big? But I'm a 16g and so is the ring. Any tips? Because your clickers don't look like they wiggle.

    I mean, I also have a (non-dangly) clicker, but it's just a circle (no captive bead) & it's totally fine. If anything, it just looks thinner than a 16g, but it's not.

  28. lol loved this your funny lol cute jewelry ?????

  29. Liz Ruiz says:

    Hahaha you are to cute. thanks for this video. I did mine today myself?? it looks good, came out good for my first try lol

  30. New subscriber ? love your personality and you're super beautiful ?

  31. Nerdy girl says:

    I hate when people do these and don't try them on lol its so helpful to see them in the nose lol thank you!

  32. Did you ever get another curved barbell? A really good place to buy them (and any other body jewelry you can possibly want!) is at
    If you use the code: ammonitionduff you will save 25% off ur order too! You can use it every time you order, it does not expire! They have really nice jewelry, and the prices are very affordable!!

  33. Karol Durham says:

    whats the brand and color from your nails?

  34. Lissi Fajen says:

    Where did you buy your clickers from?

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