December 14, 2016
Vintage Engagement Rings November 15
December 14, 2016

Should men wear engagement rings? That’s the subject at hand in today’s Girl Chat. While Adrienne likes the idea of a promise ring, Tamera has something different in mind.



  1. Posh and Becks did that in 98

  2. Habeshya143 says:

    My husband wore an engagement ring ✊? the day he proposed and gave me my ring, he had one for himself too ???


  4. Kiera Lerner says:

    I love jeannie's Asian impersonations

  5. Jai M says:

    U see how we NEED Tamar's input to see a totally new perspective that leaves you smiling or LOL'ing. Not to take away from everyone else's input at all. Only her input always left us with something NEW. SMH Iused to t LOVE this show but I stopped watching it when she had to take a leave. It felt so repetitious. Needless to say I'm sure it will spiral downward. I know I won't be running in as much.

  6. My fiance and I both wear engagement rings and always have. I don't see why just the woman should wear one. I love him having one too!

  7. I don't want an engagement ring but I would like an engagement watch. something classy, timeless, useful that I could wear everyday. then my wedding band when I do get married.

  8. I seent your nails Jeannie!! Found out we go to the same place with Hannah!! #modnailstudiocity

  9. It's not about how expensive the ring cost its about the meaning and symbolism behind it like Kate and Prince William even though it cost alot ALOT! Of money, it also had a beautiful symbolism

  10. It's not about how expensive the ring cost its about the meaning and symbolism behind it like Kate and Prince William even though it cost alot ALOT! Of money, it also had a beautiful symbolism

  11. Taylor Marie says:


  12. Sahra Alir says:

    God miss tamar barely watch this no more, can't believe this bullshit! The real has officially disappeared in my eyes!! Fk this!

  13. ohh bribri says:

    this was going as hell, where was the energy

  14. Dulxbe says:

    Brandy AND The Real, um… yes!

  15. You can't tell me Brandy don't look gorgeous. I'm talkin skin suuuppa rich.

  16. saucilips says:

    Hi Brandiiii!!!!

  17. ak6800bw says:

    In India Guys wear engagement rings too , I thought it was the norm..

  18. k last says:

    My husband asked me if he could wear his wedding ring before we got married. It was the sweetest thing to see him so excited about this commitment, he wore it for almost a year and a half before we said our I dos.

  19. xlnhhx says:

    Why is lonis hair like that ? ? I love her, but damn trying to look like Michelle Obama ??

  20. Claus Zuhaus says:

    As a man, I am surprised that I never thoiught about this. I absolutely believe that both parties should wear a ring.

  21. Kanika Garal says:

    get ur man a ring then u ask him to wear it.

  22. Helle Lima says:

    Men here in Brazil wear engagement rings.

  23. jade griffin says:

    in my opinion I think if you get engaged you should always wear your ring because that would make your husband upset if one day he saw you without your ring he's. gonna think something is up lol but I think these women worry about what other people might think about their ring and you shouldn't even worry about that all you should worry about is the person I love gave me this ring and I should wear it everywhere I go because I love him and I want the world to know too by wearing this ring lol

  24. luvplayboy69 says:

    my boyfriend and I both have engagement rings and is the cutest thing when he tells his friends and strangers alike that we may not be married but by heart and on gods eyes we are….

  25. greenolive03 says:

    watching this now when jeannie admitted to losing her ring LMAO

  26. Julia Korell says:

    In my country men and and women both wear engagement rings 😀 Usually matching and simple and then the girl gets a fancy wedding ring :)

  27. Not feeling Brandy's hair or vibe on this…This segment feels heavy like she didn't really vibe with the co hosts or like she did not want to be there…

  28. Brandi wanted to talk for so long!

  29. Quincy Embry says:

    I can see brandy replacing Tamar that would be good

  30. Who styled Tamera? They couldn't find her a strapless bra?

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