Single People Wear Wedding Rings For A Week

Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You
December 11, 2016
Beautiful Latest Bridal Wedding Jewelry 2016
December 11, 2016

“What do you mean it’s on the wrong hand?”

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Bridal Chorus
Gummy Bear
Funk Bandits
Savoir Faire
Oom Pah Pah
La Valse Du Petit Cafe De Minuit

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  1. they should have gotten them ones that fit both thier finger and thier personality

  2. Jenni Tran says:

    kinda wanna know how kelsey set her toe on fire :////

  3. ughmadylin says:

    wow this 15 year old asian boy got married so young

  4. Nicole Hall says:

    a. zach is adorable B. the rings are the wrong size of course they are going to fall off!

  5. Cynner Lim says:

    think zac looks hotter with a ring. #justsaying

  6. emo rod says:

    why are Zac and Jenn single tho, I'd date them ffs

  7. I never take my ring off. I can't stand not having it on my finger. I feel so off without it.

  8. "Do u see those burn marks? I accidentally lit my toe on fire"

    I died??????? the

  9. okay why would she learn from a MARRIED PERSON that you just turn you ring so you can get hit on by guys

  10. How is Jen not married? She's literally my fav

  11. Haha, " Ahh this cute little Asian boy is getting married really young" ?????

  12. Wear your ring on a chain around your neck as a necklace. Simple.

  13. My parents never take off their rings

  14. "This 15 year old Asian boy got married so young!" ? you kinda look like a boy, but also like an amazingly beautiful woman I have a crush on. It's so weird.

  15. Shelby Carr says:

    How does she light her toe on fire

  16. I literally wear 5 rings everyday, 2 on my left hand, and 3 on my right, and I'm only 13, and no wear near married, lol

  17. my dad actually lost his wedding ring last year and now hes a single dad, hes doing a pretty awsome job at it too

  18. "…ever?" whale noice

  19. Zack, you're super cute… I'll hit on you!

  20. Out of all of them to NOT lose it, Jen didn't ?

  21. They couldn't have given them rings that fit ?

  22. "The ring should probably be cheap, because I might loose it." Same

  23. Sela Boswell says:

    "I just dropped my ring in the toilet."

  24. I just dropped my wedding ring in the toilet

    Omg, I love you Zach. ?

  25. Makayla Thee says:

    "Wow this 15 year old Asian boy got married so young." I LOVE JEN SO MUCH LMAO

  26. St says:

    You don't take them off, themes the rules guys

  27. RaccoonCity says:

    Why is no one questioning why Zack blow dried the ring instead of just wiping it off?

  28. What was he record to capture dropping his ring in the toilet?

  29. Dean says:

    park labrea.

  30. Kayley199514 says:

    wedding ring actually goes underneath engagement ring. you switch then after ceremony

  31. r says:

    I clicked just for zach

  32. Aine Moloney says:

    What do the people who work at buzzfeed do

  33. The size of the ring explanes why the ring is always lost and also i wear my ring on the same hand + same finger (im not married) it fits perfectly

  34. You don't really take it off. I mean, if your river rafting or something, but not besides that.

  35. jens hands are so damn perfect

  36. ayoojenelle says:

    I'll marry you Jen?

  37. Amanda G. says:

    soo funny!!! I'm glad i watched this

  38. 'This is from Patrick Dempsey' I'm like this is me

  39. Your not supposed to take it off at night

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