Soufeel Jewelry Review (+$60 Gift Card Giveaway!!)

9 Crazy Celeb Engagement Rings
December 11, 2016
StarGaze Jewelry Review & Unboxing
December 11, 2016

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Personalized Locket Necklace:
Personalized Name Necklace:
Personalized Charm:
Charm Bracelet Divider/Stopper:
Charm Bracelet:

$10 off VP Fashion code: ‘fowler’
The hair extensions used in this video were my VP Fashion DIY White Blonde VPMD 220g 22″ clip-in set (they’ve been trimmed a few inches)

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  1. Larami M. says:

    I like the personalized heart locket.


  2. The Items that I love are the birthstone swarovski charms and the zodiac bracelets.

  3. Whoa 50k congrats ?

    I like the the musical note ring And my email is

  4. Items I wish to have :
    Music note earrings
    Silver heart of hearts necklace
    Open The door of love bracelet
    Moon and stars necklace


  5. kacey says:

    I love horoscope things and stuff about the zodiac so the taurus bracelet is super sexy.

  6. Zee Ok says:

    solar dity neckles super awesome that u hit 50k?

  7. Mxnstsr says:

    Congrats on 50k btw❤

    Items I liked-
    Black Cat Paw Charm
    Batman Charm
    I heart My Charm.


  8. TheLostSoul says:

    Congrats on 50k! I've been around since around 20 or 25k I'm p sure :3

    And I love the Moon/stars necklace! <3
    My email:

  9. Sybi Fuentes says:

    Congratulations on 50k you deserve a ton of subs. As for the giveaway I super love the couple rings
    I would love to give one to my hubby and one for me, yeah I know I'm cheesy haha… ❤

  10. Subscribed

    Items From Christmas Collection:
    -Snowflake Ring
    -Personize Your Charm

  11. Also, congrats for the 50k subscribers

  12. Le Xo says:

    Why havent u celebrated christmas??

  13. Coral Kitten says:

    Awh yay I'm soooo glad you hit the 50K mark you deserve it!!! Thank You for always putting a smile on my face ☺️?❤️️?

  14. Awh congrats on hitting 50k! <3 i love you.
    stay you you're amazing.

    also if you remember talking to me in twitter dms one time?
    my name was RemindsMeOfHarmony but its okay if you don't remember. :)

  15. anything the website is beautiful! lol my email is ?

  16. That Cris says:

    I liked the cursive custom name necklace (ig: xrismadness)

  17. Jazzy L says:

    Congrats on 50k ^-^
    Fav Items:
    Personalize Engravable Heart Charm
    Personalize Your Locket Key Dangle
    Personalize Pendent Necklace
    the l is a lowercase L

  18. trumanliv says:

    i like the name necklace or the personalized charm thingy.. also email is :))

  19. Manya Sahni says:

    I would love to get a virgo necklace 3

  20. X says:

    double black leather bracelet
    purity ring

  21. 2% Milk says:

    I really like the personalized name necklace :3 also congrats on 50k subs and my email is

  22. Aaliya K says:

    I really liked the rose gold heart necklace❤️

  23. Paige Kester says:

    Heart Beat Rock ring and Solar Deity necklace☺️im not one to wear jewelry often but those ones are very pretty and i know someone in my life that is going through a hard time and would love these as much as i do;

  24. I'm so glad you're back! Plus, I LOVVVEEEE your hair!!! <3 For the giveaway…; Black Leather Bracelet.

  25. How have you never went trick or treating and now this?!?!

  26. Gwen Kamstra says:

    I really like the 'Personalize your locked circle dangle' and the 'Personalize the charm black leather' 🙂 my email is <3

  27. I loved the crown one, the heart lockett where you can put an image inside of it and you see it when you open it, and I like the key one as well

  28. Destiny L. says:

    items i like, lucky cat necklace and starfish necklace

  29. so cute ahh,
    I really like those cute bracelets


  31. oml congrats on 50K
    you're pretty damn rad

    Personalized Heart Locket
    (as seen in the video)

    Inseparable Love Ring
    (both male and female)

  32. personalized photo charm with hearts is so cuuuute?

  33. Cherry Baby says:

    I really love the personalized refined locket kinda smilar to urs actaully and i love the bracelet form to urs too xxxx btw congratz on 50k u totally deserve it xxx i love u so much xxxxx ive been a subscriber to u for ages and ur totally awsme! Xxxx in love with ur style btw x my email is: xxxxx i hope to hear from u xxxxxx keep smiling have a awsme day xxx

  34. Yay congrats on 50k
    I've benn watching science day 1. you've helped me So much love u Sarah.
    stay strong stay u and please do not ever give up.????❤??❤??

  35. alien queen says:

    i absolutely looove the locket necklace aww, also the personalized name necklace c:

  36. RamaTheJinx says:

    I really like the moon and stars necklace its beautiful
    your gorgeous btw

  37. I really like the heart locket. It's so cute 🙂 my email is

  38. Kira Russo says:

    I love the personalized charms and the gorgeous astrological ones as well! There are so many unique ones to choose from!

  39. I Love the heart photo charm and the camera charm they are sooo cute ^__^

  40. I've had my eye on the heart-shaped personalized photo locket. A charm bracelet would also be nice. :)

  41. let just take 5 hours to appreciate how FRICKIN COOL YOUR HAIR IS!

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