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March 7, 2017
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March 7, 2017

Such sadness.  Inexplicably my treasured 80s Kalinger necklace broke last week.  I put it in my purse as I was heading into the gym after work and when I pulled it out later at home, CRASH!, part of the necklace spilled onto the floor.

{broken, like my heart}

I’ve reached out to a few vintage jewelry repair experts (like Melissa at Jewelry Repair Company and Rosie at Rhinestone Rosie) and it appears as though because the piece is plastic, and not metal, it is not able to be fixed.  Boo-hoo.

I do have a couple of options, though.  1) I can have a new piece made that resembles the broken one.  Unfortunately, this is the most expensive of the options.  And of course this would make the necklace’s value very low, but at least I could continue to wear it!  2) I can look for a replacement part online.  I will do some internet trolling for vintage Kalinger pieces, and if you find something like this one, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!  3) I can remove the piece that’s broken, and its matching piece, and have a much shorter (and much less fabulous) necklace.  4) I can try to jerry-rig something to fix the break.  It won’t look perfect, but it’ll be cheap and won’t damage the piece any more than it already is, while I do #2, above.

I chose #4!  Check back to see how it works out 😉

{Before the break up}

À bientôt, and thank you in advance for any help/advice you can provide 🙂


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