These 10 Wedding Ring Sets Have the Highest Heart-Eyes Factor

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March 2, 2017
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March 2, 2017

princess half bezel mixed metals lolide

Art Deco meets Frank Gehry: Lodestar Set ($1,395)

When I first saw lolide’s wedding band and engagement ring designs, all I could think was “mixed metals, yassssss.” Committing to your partner for a lifetime is a big enough decision; why should you have to commit to one color of wedding jewelry? (Says the woman who was too scarred by her ’80s childhood to commit to yellow gold and now wears all gold jewelry except a white wedding band.)

Lolide’s engagement and wedding band designs are modern-yet-organic, not-too-feminine-but-definitely-beautiful (and kinda steampunk?! or actually, dieselpunk if you want to get technical), and are made by hand by self-proclaimed feminist jeweler and one-woman-show Lori Linkous Devine in her Seattle studio. Lolide’s pieces are incredibly affordable for handmade fine jewelry (prices start at $138 for single wedding bands), and can be mixed and matched into coordinating sets of engagement ring plus wedding band or wedding band plus wedding band for both partners. And the 😍😍😍  factor speaks for itself:

rose gold moissanite and faceted band set from lolide

Moissanite and Mixed Metals Set ($725)

gold tab his and hers set lolide

Strong lines and subtle contrasts: Golden Tab Modern Wedding Set ($435)

princess bark band yellow gold set14K white princess bark band set

Modern lines with just a bit of random chaos: White Sapphire and Bark Wedding Set ($1,195)

white diamond sand and stone

Sand and Stone Stacking Wedding Set ($1,295)

white gold faceted wedding set

Mix and match to create the perfect his/hers, his/his, or hers/hers matching designs: 6mm and 2mm Faceted Wedding Band Set ($995)

mixed moissanite large

Palladium and Gold Mixed Metals Set ($725)

yellow gold moissanite set

14K Gold Faceted Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set ($975)

As beautiful as her work is, it was when I started to learn about Lori and the values behind lolide that I really fell in love. Most pieces are made with recycled materials and conflict-free stones. And a portion of all profits from lolide goes to various organizations that support health, equality, and inclusion, like Planned Parenthood, Plan International, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. (Follow lolide on Facebook to see Lori’s monthly donation pick and to be the first to know when there are special sales and fundraisers. A November sale and fundraiser raised $1600 for Planned Parenthood. Buying jewelry to fight the good fight? Yes please.)

Here’s what Lori told us about herself, her background, and how it influences her designs:

I am a feminist jeweler committed to creating unique, modern wedding ring alternatives for all types of unions. I try to create pieces that are an alternative to the “wedding industrial complex.” My focus is on clean lines and unusual design that is unfussy and sophisticated.

I am a metalsmith, knitter, reader, printmaker, former social worker, women’s health advocate, karaoke enthusiast, ice cream over-indulger, and art lover. My approach to design draws on all of these at one time or another.

I was raised in semi-rural Virginia by Depression-era grandparents. My grandfather, never one to throw anything away—or purchase expensive art materials—kept what we referred to as the “junk room.” But to me, this was my supply closet, the place where I got all of the materials for my many projects—from the leftover rug remnants and house paint I used in a handmade and furnished cardboard doll-less house, to old pieces of tire I used to make a pair of flip flops. My design influence emanates from my printmaking training and life experience and my tenacity from Grandpa’s junk room.

I love the sculptural aspect of making jewelry. The process of having a picture in my head that morphs into an actual 3-D object never ceases to feel magical. I’m very attracted to showing positive versus negative space. I find inspiration in the intersection of order and chaos, natural versus industrial, like the beautiful lush organic vine growing on a rusted glass and steel structure or the sound of rain on a metal roof, things that connect my Virginia childhood with my new home in Seattle. I try to reflect this feeling of time, nature, and industry in my designs, a marriage of my past and present, an embrace of unexpected juxtapositions.

how lolide makes wedding bandslolide wedding bands being madewedding band from lolideLolide’s pieces range in price from $48 and up for wedding jewelry and $138 and up for wedding rings. This includes consultation when needed, free estimates, and a lifetime warranty against defects in craftsmanship. Most pieces are available in different mixed or matching metal options and stone choices (moissanite, sapphire, genuine diamond), and Lori is happy to do custom adjustments to many items or work with you to create a fully bespoke design. Most items just require a little tweak, but for more extensive adjustments that may require additional design time, materials, or labor a commensurate fee will be charged. Most pieces can be created in four to five weeks, with custom requests taking longer.
Moissanite moon and star in yellow gold18K rough diamond

18k Royal Yellow Gold Rough Cut Diamond Engagement Ring ($995)

And if you’re at all concerned about working with a jeweler remotely? You shouldn’t be! Lolide has almost seven hundred Etsy reviews gushing about how Lori’s rings are even more beautiful in person—and her customer service top notch.

I cannot say enough positive things about my beautiful ring from Lori! The craftsmanship is AMAZING. She could definitely request triple the cost. I ordered a custom set and she was very easy to work with. The ring is stunning. Completely flawless. I will definitely shop again and recommend Lori for unique pieces! Thank you!

5mm 18K gold princess set from lolide

Square Moissanite Skinny Wedding Band Set ($995)

The stone is incredible, so happy with my alternative diamond. The slightly brushed metal finish on the palladium and gold parts is perfect, and the bezel/band joints are flawless. I couldn’t be happier. I can’t stop staring at it! It’s just unique enough with a classic overall design.

rose gold single stone band

Single Diamond Simple Wedding Band ($350)

The ring is beautiful, feminine, practical, as well as exactly what I was looking for to propose to my partner. I highly recommend it!

4mm 1mm yellow gold set

Thin and Thick 18k Gold Wedding Band Set ($695)

faceted bands comparison photo

7mm Gold, Palladium, Platinum Wedding Band ($695)

Completely in love? Us too. Head on over to lolide’s site to see more designs, get some ideas, and reach out to Lori to discuss your perfect ring or ring combo. Not in the market for rings? Lolide also has beautiful earrings and necklaces for killer wedding and every-single-day jewelry. And don’t forget to follow lolide on Facebook so you’re the first to know about sales and fundraisers.

lolide creates modern and unique wedding ring options for all types of unions. VISIT LOLIDE’s ONLINE STORE TO MIX AND MATCH YOUR FAVORITE DESIGNS TODAY.

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