Tiffany & Co Reveal/Review/Unboxing F/VS1 Legacy Diamond Engagement Ring

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December 12, 2016
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December 12, 2016

Tiffany & Co F/VS1 Legacy Diamond Engagement Ring. This is one of Tiffany & Cos most exquisite designs. Currently available in our website and eBay store where we source and sell pre loved luxury jewellery. Established collectors and dealers of high end diamond pre loved jewellery.



  1. Hello, just a quick update that this ring sold last week to a lovely gentleman who is planning to propose in Easter. He may even do a video on the ring in its new home! If you are on the lookout for pre loved luxury jewellery please check out my website 🙂 

  2. IVAN ceja says:

    Hi enjoyed your video it was very informative and I liked how I was able to see it on an actual hand so I can see the actual size of the ring. Just to confirm you said it was a 0.57. So on the Tiffany&co. Sight is that under the .5 size selection?

  3. Gyee Mai says:

    Why can't u mention the price

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