Tiffany Jewelry Collection, Review, and Storage

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December 16, 2016
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December 16, 2016

My small Tiffany collection is shared in this video. Just a few suggestions are offered if one has questions about a sterling silver piece. How to store the jewelry is also shared. I hope you find this video helpful.



  1. Mary Lynda says:

    @DCV19 No, they do not clean your jewelry for free. It's like $15 per item you wish to have cleaned. They do, however, sale cleaner that you can use. Also, their polishing cloths are helpful. 

  2. Mary Lynda says:

    @GemmaVonTease I'm going to have to go check out this line of jewelry. Thank you for letting me know about it.

  3. EmmaRauni says:

    I wish I had that many things from tiffany!! (you are lucky) but sadly there isn't one in Denmark and I don't want to by online so i can't try it on :(

  4. Mary Lynda says:

    Thank you for the advice.

  5. Mary Lynda says:

    Thank you for bringing this information to my attention. I took the necklace into a Tiffany store for verification. It is authentic, thank God. What I have is simply an older model in which they don't make any more. You are quite observant. I'm impressed.

  6. kimgrewer says:

    Today I went to tiffanys here innamsterdam and they told me the same, actually the saleswomen was wearing one with the "to" on a seperate line

  7. cj222100 says:

    I have alot of the same pieces as you,& I don't care where they're made.As for the people attacking your collection,I find it REAL hard to believe that if someone gave them anything in a little blue box they'd be like 'ew,I don't want this,it's mass produced,or made in China,or not by a local jeweler,etc'.Fact is,people r gonna <3 Tiffany's no matter what or where it's made.When something's a luxury good & someone says 'oh,it's really crap' it comes off that they're mad cause they can't have it.

  8. Mary Lynda says:

    That is good to know. Thank you for sharing that with me. 

  9. Mary Lynda says:

    Your comments made me laugh. Thank you for sharing :).

  10. dowilitious says:

    recorded with a toaster…

  11. silver kyaw says:

    Thank you for the information, but it's better your presentation would be more organised and accurate. The vodeo should be taken well, the way it moved , I don't know fast or not focused well. 

  12. silver kyaw says:

    i mean the video, spelling wrong, sorry.

  13. Your collection is not small & it's very very I'm not a big fan of silver but you're rapidly changing my mind ^_^

  14. I love Tiffany collection! 

  15. Mary Lynda says:

    Thank you so much!!

  16. Linda CeeTee says:

    loved your collection…and great idea with the white ribbon marking….thanks for sharing!

  17. Mary Lynda says:

    Thank you for the kind words. Thank you for watching!!

  18. Bhav341 says:

    maybe for some people, it's a matter of jealousy. But not everyone. I don't particularly like Tiffany, and think it is way overpriced for silver. You are buying the name. I can think of many other jewelry designers that I find more appealing. But, no need to insult anyone about it – we all have different tastes. And these days, anyone with good credit and buy anything they want – so it isn't always about not being able to afford something.

  19. Bhav341 says:

    people are still wearing those heart charm bracelets? I thought they went out of style years ago. Does Tiffanys still make them?

  20. cj222100 says:

    Oh I see,so a person putting down her collection is perfectly fine,yet me saying how that comes off is insulting.Especially since it's not the shortest video in the world,& since they supposedly dislike this stuff & have no interest in it-I guess I'm just a crazy person then,I'd think that they'd spend time watching videos about things that they are interested in.

  21. Bhav341 says:

    I think you missed my point – all I am saying is that not everyone who doesn't like something feels that way because they are "jealous". And, you know, I watch all types of videos, I don't just limit myself to the things I love. My interests go beyond my own little world.


  22. K. Hoags says:

    great collection! can you do an updated collection video? Also, love the way your organize them so you don't have to look in each pouch to know which is which

  23. Can you make a video on your oval bracelet?

  24. I mean a review on how to know its authentic

  25. I love the silver ball earrings and black onyx earrings. But the the black ones are huge hey?. Also the writing on ribbon is very cool. Thanks for the great vid! 

  26. Mary Lynda says:

    I believe there are some larger onyx earrings but the ones I have are 8 or 10 mm in size, very doable. Sorry about the shakiness of this video. Thank you for the kind words:).

  27. Mary Lynda says:

    I would love the websites to avoid!

  28. What a great idea about having the lock lay flat!! I've always been bothered how mine flips around! Thanks for the great tip!! 

  29. Mary Lynda says:

    I wish I could take credit. The SA told me about the idea:).

  30. i just dont understand why almost everyone on here as the same popular pieces. If its me I want Tiffany diamonds the other pieces don't stand out to me but thats just my opinon 

  31. Mary Lynda says:

    Thank you for the web site. Their prices are amazing!

  32. Mary Lynda says:

    May this and all your dreams come true!!

  33. pooja2567 says:

    What is the eBay sellers name you have bought your Tiffany Jewellery ?? Please let me know .

  34. They totally clean your stuff for free well at least at the NYC store. Also the Greenwhich store i was just there today passing by and i was like oh ill get my ring cleaned. 

  35. Lime Dyme says:

    Beautiful collection! I don't own any yet but I plan on buying myself a few pieces.

  36. Love your beautiful tiffany collection !!!!

  37. gina2190 says:

    please could you try to do a new video, that has good close ups of the tiffany fonts because not everyone can afford to go to the store, ebay has a lot of fakes we would be able to c better – u could help us to not get ripped off, close ups of packaging as well so we just have a better idea up close of quality then maybe i can get a real secondhand piece… thanks x

  38. I love your collection. I even told hubby about it.

  39. Jac1Mac says:

    I've always ordered mine online or travelled interstate, they are actually opening in my city for the fist time ever in a few days, so exciting 🙂 🙂 x

  40. rryoder1 says:

    Tiffany will add links. I do not remember how much but I had links added to one of my Tiffany bracelets. It was not expensive. 

  41. Hi Mary, I'm absolutely obsessed with Tiffany bracelets!  I don't own one…YET!!! lol!  I note that you have two chain bracelets…one with the "donut" or "Lifesaver".  I've noted that the older models have the thicker/rounded more solid looking LifeSaver/Donut vs the thinner/flatter donut on the 2015 models?  If you have two different ones from different years…can you shed some light on the pros/cons of the two?  I've heard the newer 2015 one is a little more "less sturdy'?   I'm hoping that Tiffany's will go back to making the more solid one.

  42. @3:45…you asked for the "Blue Enamel" instead of an 'engraving'.  Q: How much did that request cost you?  I totally agree that the Tiffany-blue is beautiful.  I can see that from years of wearing bracelets that a bracelet would eventually get scratches.  Have you ever had them do that for any of your jewelry or if Tiffany's offers the service of buffing out those scratches on their products/bracelets?  I'd imagine it would be costly since it would be each link?

  43. Chrissy Li says:

    Such a great collection, could you please do a review on how to cleaning and polish these

  44. How much do you clean your jewelry?

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