Welcome Baby Arthur!
December 24, 2016
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December 25, 2016


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  1. Why is this anyone's business? I don't understand some people

  2. I legit don't know whyyyyy ppl are commenting negatively & have the ENERGY to argue with the other watchers. Y'all bout weird as hell

  3. Mariah Jeban says:

    as a mother , I love how u always put your baby first ! people are so disappointed with there own life they need to say negative things to others to make themself feel better …. and for u and ur husband I believe a calm conversation and a little time apart before that will do u both some good … you have been together for many years and you both are still young … you are in my prayers and you guys will get pass this as husband and wife or as co parents .. just know It will be Okay?

  4. Lisa Jones says:

    Girl!! I did not know you and mimi was by me I'm in Mt Healthy You going to be ok! you need to be alone right You need your space! You really do"

  5. Tayla says:

    I heard her daughter say ''daddddyyyy'' at the beginning, so i'm kinda confused :S lol, ion know. Feel like this is shady.

  6. Jam Rogers says:

    Take baby girl to chuckie cheese and have a nice time

  7. i feel so bad because i literally found your channel a hour ago and the first video i watched was you getting all emotional because your husband was battling some sort of drug abuse and u were struggling to make ends meet and just as you life got a miraculous turn around all this shit happens 🙁 i'm sorry for swearing i'm just in shock and i barely know u 🙁 keep your head up baby girl God has it all planned out trust me better days are ahead.

  8. Praying for u love! I'm not married but I was engaged n had my heart torn to shreds so I knw ur pain. ur beautiful & so is ur daughter n y'all deserve the best

  9. Binta Ihechi says:

    I thought I heard the baby scream 'daddy' at the beginning of the video. Well, let God help you guys figure things out. Prayers with you

  10. n keep sharing ur story bcus no matter what ppl have to say so many women share ur pain n this is therapeutic for u n me personally

  11. Shaylod says:

    Some of the people on your channel are not haters. Some criticism might be some of your subscribers caring about you in a different way. Everyone that is your real friend and supporter is not always going to agree with you. You should try going to see a councilor and not document it. You need to vent for yourself. I know you love YouTube but sometimes it may be great to step away from it and get down to the root of what your family needs. And if you don't want the backlash, don't be so open to sharing every part of your life. Your daughter doesn't need all of this because even as a young child she feels the stress. And you should stop telling your subscribers all of your marital business because their comments do have an affect on your decisions whether you know it or not. I have been married for 6 years and no one can tell you about any of my marital problems even though we all go through them. Just some food for thought. Hope you take the time you need to figure things out.

  12. girl you should investigate, that way you will have piece.

  13. think it though, pray and bout it and go by your first instance. It will never leave you wrong.

  14. niecy.p says:

    Sees business
    Clicks video
    Comments: "Why is this anyone's business?" Or "This is just for views"
    Like what?? You crazy or stupid? Lol

  15. Trevon Smith says:

    I can understand venting and needing someone to talk to when you're going through something like this. But there has to be some type of boundary. I feel like she should be talking to her husband because in the end it's the two of them that can fix it. Fans will not help your marriage, they won't help depression, stress or anything else for that matter. If there is even a slight want or chance that you will be back together you can't put your marital problems out like this. At least not being THIS open. When you get married you form a union and youtube is not apart of it. I just think it's odd you can so easily talk to millions of strangers before you seek to hear out your partner. But I really hope they both make it through this tough time. Marriage isn't easy but it's worth it in the end.


  17. I think that you guys are just young and in love. You love him and he clearly loves you. You look so sad and exhausted without him. Hear him out. You both need one another right now. My husband and I went to a pastor about our marriage. This is what he had us do.

    Have him come over, neither one of you talk. Just stand there and look at one another. We did stare at one another for a few. Then the emotions came. We cried. Together. No words. Then we held one another. Guess what? We've been together ever since!!! It doesn't take words all the time. I pray it works out.

  18. The McC's says:

    love the make up…stay strong Ming!?

  19. Sarah Jane says:

    At first I felt bad for you now I just feel you're milking all this for YouTube views, you know that drama sells and you're doing the most I think it's time to step off of YouTube for a while fix yourself and your life cause this channel is depressing as fuck. It's a shame, now you're only gonna be known as the girl who puts all her dramas online.

  20. baby girl it will get better I love you and I don't know you I can feel your pain I'll be praying for you and your baby happiness and that God will guide you through this storm smile your beautiful

  21. Benni W says:

    I hope you're doing well ?? you're a beautiful person inside and out ?

  22. God got you trust and believe that.❤️ I love you

  23. I love watching you let. negative ppl be ugh. ❤?

  24. I am very proud of you honey for being such a strong woman. Even though sometimes breakdowns happen that's all part of the becoming even stronger. You are handling your situation with such a grown woman mentality, which makes me have so much hope for you in the future. Whether it works out or does not, you will be blessed! You will have a happy life! And everything will all be ok, and you will look back like, wow I made it. All of this will be in the past, and you will have your happy ending!!!

  25. Shakeeta A says:

    Stay strong and positive hunni… You will get through it?

  26. I feel so bad, I don't know ya name. ?. But Heeyyyy Gurl! ?

  27. All of y'all get on here day after day saying y'all unsubscribing but y'all still come back to comment and view.. if y'all feel like her life is fake go find another YouTube vlogger and watch their lives.. everybody talking about what she needs to be doing and saying in her marriage this is her life be happy she's even giving us half of what she's doing.. I started out watching another youtuber who's life turned out to be fake af.. at least marsia let us see the good the bad and the ugly so we can possibly learn from it.. the younger girls who watch can get a feel of what not to let go down in a relationship and showing others just because you're married doesn't mean you won't have ups and downs.. she's showing the up side doing YouTube and all you haters and name callers in the comment section are showing ppl the downside of YouTube.. all in all she's very family orientated even if her family is going thru a rough patch she's still smiling thru making content for us to watch and enjoy

  28. That Traction Alopecia is having you women on here real salty here in the comment section. Lighten up! You guys love watching Real Housewives and see whose cheatin on who, and yet your on here trying to make an obviously depressed women feel worse. Congrats! Black women are treated like crap by this ENTIRE SOCIETY including our own men and now of course each other.

  29. Taya Latrice says:

    MARSAI If you're religious please read… If not keep scrolling… Marsai prayer works… sometimes God puts us through tests to see if we truly have faith in him… I understand fully your desire to vlog and talk to "the bells," because you need someone to vent to. God listens and he can fix your situation… Idk if you pray (thats private and none of our business). But ask God to help you get through this. He will never put more on you then you can bear… Turn to him, pray, read his word and he will make everything alright…. I sincerely hope you do not take this comment the wrong way. I love you and will continue to pray for you and your family.

  30. Get them YouTube coins sis ???????????

  31. GirlSoCrazy says:

    I just need you to use the correct foundation shade. You look like you have jaundice.

  32. it will get better and i know that it sucks right but this is not the endings of your marriage but and new chapter in your marriage. I speak life good health and happiness

  33. Alison Allen says:

    I haven't been watching yet I haven't subscribed but I watch your vlogs here and there. I'm praying for you and your daughter. I thought things would work out from the drug addiction. If you and Uriah are meant to be then fine. If not that's fine either way as long as you're HEALTHY & HAPPY and your daughter oh man your cute little diva growing so fast ❤️❤️❤️

  34. keep ur head up girl u got ur baby girl she's all u need

  35. IJKfamTV says:

    Love you Marsai!

  36. Aww, baby girl I think we all been there me and my husband has been separated for over two years and the pain is very much real. Stay strong and encouraged.

  37. Your life, your head is very busy girl. You living a soap opera life. Interesting

  38. Girl bye. Y all been living together the whole time stop lying piggly wiggly 

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