Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings In The World

January 1, 2017
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January 1, 2017

Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in The World

The most special day for a boy and girl to start their marriage life is engagement, and this is one of the most important days for their family also because they are going to be the life partner for the rest of their life. this is the reason to make that day more memorable people has some rituals that men give rings to the women, and this is the first step to start their life together.
So people always want to make that day memorable by giving expensive engagement rings to their love and nowadays people has lots of money, and they spend millions to give a precious ring to their dearest one. That is the reason that celebrities are giving very expensive rings to their lovers and wives.
List of the world’s top 10 most expensive engagement rings in 2016-2017

Number 10. 18 carats blue sapphire (Price: $137,200)
The beauty of this rare ring is brilliant, and people who have seen this ring is simply amazed by the beauty of it because of the design of the ring. This ring also has a unique value because this ring was given to the Duchess of Cambridge and it was given by Prince Williams.

Number 9. Pear cut diamond ring (Price: $5.4 million)
If you can see the ring on your finger, then you will understand the real beauty of that ring because the centerpiece of the ring is a very rare diamond and stone is produced from a mine in Australia. The 11 karats pink diamond ring was given by Enrique Iglesias to Anna Kournikova in engagement.

Number 8. Fred Leighton vintage ring (Price: $2.5 million):
This is a very particular type of rings that if the bride put it on their finger then the look will completely change, and people will appreciate the look. The best part is the ring is very much sober looking because the ring is surrounded by the 28 small diamonds which increased the beauty of the ring.

Number 7. Lesotho III diamond ring (Price: $2.6 million):
Though the ring was estimated more than it was actually sold because the condition and other things of the ring were not that much perfect and as a result, it was sold in an auction in $2.6 million. It was an antique piece as the ring was gifted by Aristotle to Jacqueline Onassis. However, she wore that rare piece of the ring just twice in her whole lifetime, and she kept that in the locker. It had a 40 karats marquise in the ring.

Number 6. Graff emerald cut diamond ring (Price: $3.0 million):
If you want to see the real beauty of the diamond in the fingers of your loved ones then without any hesitation, you should try this particular type of ring as in it; you can find the ultimate beauty of the diamond. The centerpiece is situated on a platinum ring and the shape of the ring is also beautiful which made the product more attractive. Donald Trump is also very fascinated about the diamond, and he chose this ring for Melania Trump, and the market price of the ring is $3.0 million.

Number 5. Neil Lane blue diamond engagement ring (Price: $4.5million):
Girls always have a desire that they will get a beautiful diamond engagement ring in the engagement ceremony so that she can show off that ring to everyone the beauty of the ring. The best part of the ring is that the centerpiece of the ring is very attractive because of the beauty of the diamond and some beauty increases as the centerpiece is mounted by the metal of the ring.

Number 4. Cartier emerald cut diamond ring (Price: $4.6 million):
You will get totally amazed if you see the ring because the beauty of this ring is incredible that you cannot even describe it in words. The best part of the ring is the centerpiece and the supporting other two diamonds. The main centerpiece is embedded in by two beautiful diamonds, and this ring was given by Prince of Monaco, Prince Rainier III to his wife, Grace Kelly.

Number 3. Gold and diamond encrusted ring (Price: $4.7 million):
This ring has a history because this ring was the engagement ring of Paris Hilton, the controversy girl was married to Paris Latsis, and Latsis gave him this beautiful engagement ring and the ring different than other engagement rings.

Number 2. Asscher-cut Krupp diamond engagement ring (Price: $8.8 million):
This type of ring is amazing if you see those rings in front of your eyes then you will understand that those diamond rings are different from others, and that is why it costs 8.8 million dollars.

Number 1. Lorraine Schwartz platinum diamond ring (Price: $9.77 million):
Well if you get a ring which has a price tag $9.77 million then you will get some heart attack because the amount is huge and also just for a ring it is a huge amount to spend. The best part of the ring is the centerpiece. The beautiful centerpiece made the look of the bride more beautiful. When Jayz gave this ring to Beyonce, it was just $5 million, and now it has the price tag of $9.77 million.



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    I love how she keeps saying, "…the beauty of the ring…". That computerized, monotone voice of her's makes me laugh every time!

  2. Mark Fosdick says:

    The beauty of Anna C. is the most beautiful diamond that could ever be seen.

  3. Mark Fosdick says:

    The Trump "diamond" is small compared to his wealth. Does this mean anything?

  4. Mark Fosdick says:

    The size of a diamond is not important when you get below two carets. THE MOST IMPORTANT IS THE COLOR AND THE WAY IT REFLECT ( L I G H T ) ! ! ! ! ! ! HAVE you ever seen the way a woman brushes her hair back with that diamond on her ring finger r? ? ? Trump cut his exception short because he didn't value his dear love for his (wife to be). But if I would do it at his age. As the diamond market puts it You value your love in accordance with your love for her.

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    this engagement rings are beautiful

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    Are exaggerated to much.

  10. missfrasier1 says:

    Thank you Paris Hilton for your generosity

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  12. j.lo didn't divorce soon. it was after 7 yrs

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