Traci Lynn Review| Traci Lynn Jewelry Can you really have Success with Tracilynn?

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January 26, 2017
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Traci Lynn Review| Traci Lynn Jewelry CAn you really have Success with Tracilynn? This Traci Lynn review video was to expose the real deal behind the Traci Lynn scam claims. The truth is theTraci Lynn scam claims are not true, you could actually make alot of money with if you know what you are doing. However what they don’t tell you when you join is that most people fail with Traci lynn because they don’t know how to market and get leads. You could avoid that problem by visiting

0:39 Truth behind the Traci lynn scam
2:23 Problems distributors face in Traci Lynn
3:03 Solution for reps

The purpose of this article is to provide an independent review of Traci Lynn Jewelry. Please know that I am not affiliated with the company in any way. Also, the name is a registered trademark, owned by the company.

Traci Lynn Jewelry is a direct sales company that manufactures affordable, high quality fashion jewelry. Many of the pieces are made from Cubic Zirconium, Rhodium Plating and Austrian Crystals. The jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.

About Traci Lynn

Traci Lynn is an author, entrepreneur and public speaker. She holds a doctorate degree in theology. She owns several businesses, including three frozen dessert enterprises. She’s often referred to as the “Millionaire Motivator.” She started her jewelry business in 1989 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The corporate office is currently in Wilmington Delaware. The company motto is “where people represent our brand because they love our style.”

About the Company

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry manufactures the products, processes the orders, ships the orders, handles customer service issues, tracks commissions and pays its independent consultants. On the other hand, the independent consultants focus on finding customers, selling the products and sponsoring new consultants.

Start-up costs range from $199 to $630 depending upon how much inventory you decide to purchase. To get started, you need a sponsor. Your sponsor is the person who brings you into the business and agrees to train you and motivate you. In essence, they are your very own personal Traci Lynn Jewelry Coach. They help you get started and teach you the ropes.

How to Make Money with Traci Lynn

How do you make money in the Traci Lynn Business? It’s really simple. Your primary goal is to establish a customer base by sharing the catalog with friends, family-members and co-workers. Additionally, you can schedule in-home parties where someone agrees to let you come to their home and share the products with their friends. When you sell the jewelry, you keep the wholesale-retail difference, which is normally 50 percent.

Traci Lynn Jewelry The second way to make money with Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry is to recruit other consultants. When you recruit others into the company, you earn overrides and commissions off their personal and group sales. As your team grows, and generates more group sales, you earn more money. It’s really that simple.

The top consultants work their business consistently, week in and week out. They combine selling and recruiting to maximize their profits. Most consultants grow their business through their warm market, but many others utilize the internet to find new customers and distributors. Your key to success is to do whatever method works best for you.

You can improve your chances of success by teaming up with a successful consultant. In other words, it behooves you to find a sponsor who has already achieved success selling Traci Lynn Jewelry. Once you join their team, humble yourself and follow their training. That’s my best advice for you.



  1. She is a SCAM don't watch this Video waste of time life is to precious for her want to manipulated! 

  2. THis girl takes a lot of time to say absolutely nothing.

  3. bullshit i dont belive this lady and her man fu ou  of here

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  5. 820 west 25 th ave Garry Indiana 46407 Kim Wakefield 2198026086

  6. TheDomitrix says:

    How in the WORLD is this a scam?… Are the three idiots under this comment fucking retarded? This is basic marketing in a capitalist society. This is some 1+1 shit. You talk to people, you sell shit. You run outta prospects, you talk to more people. You make yourself look good in the process. What do you expect, just talk to the same 10 people everyday and make crazy money right? Fuck are ya'll stupid?

    I would understand if there was an ACTUAL scam, ya'll treating this like it was a pyramid scheme or some shit. This lady just keeps hinting on how to be ahead of the game. Market yourself, network with people, branch out. No, ya'll mufuckas on some couch potato shit. Smgdh. Either that or you're trolls.

    I barely even understood that English, but I get the gist. Shit is still a retarded mentality AFTER the grammar and spell check. "Yes, I think the definition of being 'manipulated is to listen to a video about basic ass (and crucial) hints that affect the entire marketing standard across the spectrum." You are, hands down, one seriously dumb broad.

    This is just.. I can't even.. Lol. See exhibit A.

    Well, I mean I guess you don't have to, but good luck? Lol.

    This world needs mad help if ANY of ya'll three running ANYTHING related to a business, ANYWHERE.

  7. Leave info at Nail and hair salons…corner stores….get registered with your local Chamber of Commerce! You should be finding ways to be on your local news to generate FREE publicity! You should be on TALK radio! Find ways to use your business to help the less fortunate in your community! Take the FOCUS off of YOU and YOUR business and making money and PUT IT ON helping out those in the community–that's where you will find an ever growing level of success and profitability!

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