Vera Bradley Travel Jewelry Folio Review/Demo

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September 22, 2017
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September 22, 2017

In this video I share with you a new travel jewelry bag and the jewelry I took on my recent cruise vacation.

Vera Bradley Jewelry case:

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  1. Kathleen5029 says:

    What a great travel accessory. Love your black bracelets. What brand are they?

  2. Marjorie P. says:

    Have been looking for something like this! Thanks for the review, love the pearl necklace!

  3. Very nice! We went to dinner the other night at the Beaurivage in Biloxi and I found the best jewelry carrier bag in their 10 dollar store. I cant wait to use it! I love your pearl necklace that you wore with the black dress! Erica

  4. Linda W says:

    Thanks for sharing. This reminded me of trip I made to Palm Desert, CA. I went into some shops one being a jewelry store. I thought everything paste, since I saw no price tags. I tried on a emerald & diamond necklace w/ earrings. I thought good look for a knock off. I asked how much, it was more than my house! The sales lady who put it on me, of course had to take it off. I was not touching it. I wondered why 2 men in suits stood in behind the counter. Well I had several $100 thousand on once πŸ™‚

  5. What a nice and well thought out jewelry bag! I'm thinking of ordering the Lug Life Brush holder you mentioned in a recent video. I had seen that a long time ago and forgot about it until you showed it again. I think it will be great for an upcoming trip. πŸ™‚

  6. skor73 says:

    Thank you great review, love the tip on where to buy…

  7. MissCrystal says:

    I think you will like it! Brushes don't get squished and it stands up nicely to work out of. πŸ™‚

  8. MissCrystal says:

    Glad you liked it! Yes, in person it's much nicer! You're limited on color choices with the discounted section but worth it for the savings. πŸ™‚

  9. MissCrystal says:

    Thanks for watching, Rita! xo

  10. MissCrystal says:

    It's a great one! You'd like it for sure! xo

  11. can you use it for makeup

  12. MissCrystal says:

    I'm sure you could. However, some of the pouches are pretty small. She makes one that hangs on the back of a door that would work better for makeup and toiletries. πŸ™‚

  13. ElenaMarie says:

    I really like your silver bracelets that are your 'standby' as you mentioned.Β  Where could I purchase something similar?Β  I have 3 Pandora bracelets (one is a double dark grey leather) so I'm good there.Β  I'm definitely going to purchase this jewelry folio for our cruise in March on the Oasis.Β  It'll be perfect for my bigger pieces!Β  Thx for the recommendation!

  14. TarHeelBrit says:

    Thanks for the review. My wife was looking at the folio and now she's sold on it. Many thanks.

  15. jomougs says:

    I have one of this in dogwood n I absolutely love it !!! I want a few more. One for a sewing kit one more for jewelry n another for traveling πŸ™‚ but they're so expensive now on eBay πŸ˜”. Yours is lovely.

  16. whats the pattern called misscrystal

  17. Hi, I wonder if you could find out where we could get the Vera Bradley Jewellery bag in Australia. Now Ive seen it I really want one. Thanks Ange x

  18. Is this a Stow and Go? That's what you link to but when I look at it it seems to look a bit smaller. Another reviewer did a video and hers was simply called the Travel Folio. Thanks!

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