Wedding Q&A + My New Wedding Bands!!

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December 20, 2016
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December 21, 2016

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First weddingbelles video with ring details:

My rings are from tell Sue I sent you!

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  1. does anyone know the measurements of her ring? i went to the website where she got hers because I'm picking out my engagement ring and also want a morganite cushion ring. so is it 7×7 or 8×8 or even 10×10? the pictures online don't give me any information on the sizes. please and thank you in advance! 

  2. can you put a link to where you got your save the dates. 

  3. Marie Jubak says:

    Did your venue have long tables available or are you renting the long tables from an outside vendor? If so, how much did they charge! Would love to do the long tables, but our venue only has the round tables! Getting married this November 2015 in Ohio! 🙂 Thanks!

  4. TheSnflwr says:

    Love your nail polish color and was hoping you would say what it was below. What color and brand are you wearing in this video?

  5. Having the groom not see you till you walk down the aisle isn't exactly "traditional".. In the past, they did that when there were arranged marriages and they didn't want them to see each other before hand because they were afraid they'd run if they did not like the person…..

    lol… Just a fun fact 😉

    But I love love your channel and you are so adorable!

  6. Dorin Lewis says:

    Alexandrea, you're ring is beautiful! So unique and so you! I love the setting of it. Mine is similar. It's called an enhancer and I absolutely love it!
    Congratulations and best wishes <3

  7. Your rings are beautiful 

  8. Hi Alexandrea! I saw your video about SamNSue from a while back but never thought about it much. It's funny, I saw their instagram and I remembered them from you. I started to REALLY love their work and jewelry. I fell even more in love with their pear cut rings. I think I found my go-to jeweler for the future! Thanks a lot :D

  9. tatys5248 says:

    Omg I love ur ring I got engaged in December and my ring it's like a mini version of urs I love the color I'm in love with my ring. Watching ur wedding series gives me motivation to plan the wedding that we really want and not settle. Thanks for that.

  10. Jenna D'Alie says:

    Hi Alex, I'm currently trying to decide between a 10×8 and 11×9 and I was wondering if I could ask you what size ring finger do you have to get a better idea of what would look best on me. Thank you! 

  11. MyWonderfulWeddingFomeTodayBuy

  12. So cool to watch this video again AFTER the wedding has happened and your all moved into your house with your hubby!! So happy for you girl xox

  13. Quick question, what place did you say that you were getting your wedding invitations that were afforable? 

  14. melibear0807 says:

    Hi I'm new to your channel and I'm engaged and would like to know what do you use to clean your ring?? If you clean it yourself 

  15. I know this is like super late but I was wondering what size finger you have? Ordering rings online is tricky and I want to make sure that the stone it's too big for my size six fingers

  16. Just had a look at that website where you got your engagement ring from… Safe to say, I've convinced my fiance into buying my ring from there. I have a loaner ring at the moment and I was hunting for a really beautiful ring that was a bit different, and that site is amazing! So beautiful! xo

  17. My fiancé got my engagement ring from Sam n Sue!!!! They are incredible!!!

  18. what size rings do you wear?  for the 11×9 stone you have

  19. Amanda Nena says:

    How do you keep your engagement ring clean? getting a ring similar to this and would love to know! ?

  20. Dearstjaime says:

    hi how long did it take for sam n sue email you back? not sure how the process works.

  21. Unicorn Love says:

    Beautiful ring ?❤️

  22. Hi Alex, may I know what is the fastest way to get samnsue reply? They didn't response to any of my message or email 🙁 TIA,

  23. Where did you get your bridesmaid dresses!?

  24. k says:

    Does anybody know where her cross necklace is from?

  25. omg I love it,that's what I want.

  26. That's soooooooo unique and beautifulllll congrats

  27. Donna DeLany says:

    Gorgeous rings!! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  28. did you get your ring from samNsue. just saw it from there website you can even get the band from them.

  29. what was your wedding song?!!!

  30. Loved this. New subscriber 🙂 check out my wedding channel also xx

  31. Hi Alex! I'm just wondering how your ring is holding up after a couple of years of use. I'm interested in a morganite but don't know how it'll hold up in everyday wear.

  32. Alex, could you please do a ring cleaning routine? I'd love to see how you take care of your morganite! ??

  33. 921ILoveU says:

    I JUST found your channel tonight and loved that you gave your hubs a Pred's jersey on your wedding day, then to find out in this video you live in TN now (I'm guessing Nashville?) and Im so stoked! I live in Nashville too and love it! It's fun to know you live in Tennessee too :)

  34. Carla Luna says:

    Hi Alex! I was wondering if you could answer a question for me, please. I am looking in to getting a morganite engagement ring through sam and sue and was wondering if you could please share what size your center morganite is… Did you go with the 10×8 or the 11×9? I am asking because I'm having a hard time choosing between them and i like the way yours fits on your finger…. I appreciate you taking the time to answer this. Thank you!!

  35. I've seen this video already and I'm going back to it because now I'm looking for a ring! I loved yours and I'm so glad you made this video! Ty ty for not being lazy and taking the time about these gorgeous details xoxo

  36. Georgi R says:

    how much would cost a ring like yours? thanks

  37. I'm so happy I found this video. I obsess over your ring while I'm watching your more recent videos. ? just beautiful!

  38. Caterina P says:

    Hi Alex! I recently found your channel, and am so glad I did! I love your videos! My boyfriend and I recently started looking at rings and yours is absolutely beautiful! I have never heard of morganite until now. Does it hold up well? Do you have to clean it often? I know the shape I want (oval), I just don't know if I want a diamond or not.

  39. metroboy11 says:

    check out my unboxing of my engagement ring! It just came in.

  40. Nlovexo says:

    Does anyone have the contact to Sam n Sue, like a phone number? I ordered from them (well my fiancé did) and they have NOT been responsive. I'm getting extremely nervous since he obviously spent a pretty penny online. This is not how customer service should be done. It's been a month now.

  41. Stacy Smith says:

    Hi, I was just wondering how your ring has held up in the last year as I know Morganite is much softer than a Diamond, and also curious as to how your setting as held up as well.

  42. Hi! I was wondering what size of the gem you got and what color band? I thought I heard you say rose gold somewhere in the video, but I was just curious because I'm so in love with your ring!

  43. Hi Alex, I was just wondering if you had the website on where your bridesmaids got their dresses from. I am in the process of getting married and loved the look of the dresses you chose for your day.

  44. Hi Alex! My engagement ring is a morganite but I'm going crazy trying to figure out what would like nice on my fiancé. He is extremely bright skinned and doesn't like how rose gold pretty much blends in with his skin tone. What color band does your hubby have or do you have suggestions? Thanks!!

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