Wedding Rings After Divorce | My Story & Plans!

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December 22, 2016
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December 23, 2016

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  1. armpitfuzz says:

    As it was a wedding ring from your EX I would have the ring split and redesigned as two separate rings, then give one to each of your boys for their future wives… ( I know that's a way off)

  2. daniel craig says:

    aquaberry diamonds

  3. Jane J Dough says:

    Won't get money's worth so reconfigure it. I have seen some converted to pendants ..some put it in new settings , saved for daughters , put away in case SHTF.
    You won't get much for it so use it some other way. You may be able to do a swap at a pawn store.

  4. Kate Reid says:

    So you've probably already done whatever you're going to do with the ring, but this might help someone else who is thinking of something to do:
    With it having those two lines of diamonds, maybe get it re-made into two separate rings, so you can give one each to the boys when they grow up?

  5. Zee Aguilar says:

    I sold mine. Never regret it.

  6. Grimm Dolly says:

    Back in April 2013 my husband and I got into a massive fight were I actually filed divorce papers. I took my ring off and put it into the small fire safe I kept at my parents house with all my important documents in case I had to grab my daughter and leave with nothing else. It is still in there but now his is in there too.

    The divorce was never finalized but I told my husband I would never wear that ring again. He ended up buying me a new ring last year for our anniversary but the diamond would snag everything from clothing to skin. I don't wear it. So this past Valentine's day we took the ring to get cleaned and he asked me what type of ring I would wear. Yeah, we walked out of the jewelers with a new ring (and the diamond ring I got last year).

    I'm not that big in to large diamonds or jewel encrusted rings. I think the feelings and love that the ring symbolizes is more important.

    I was engaged briefly about 4 years before I met my husband. He was abusive and when I left him I kept the ring. I kept it for about 10 years before I pawned it when my husband was laid off to help with the bills. I never regret pawning it as that ring was filled with broken dreams and anger.

  7. It's sad, it's a sickness, how some people feel the need to share their personal lives on social media. Never before have lives less lived been more documented.

  8. 368engbn says:

    My ex gave me back the ring after our divorce. I think I tossed it in the trash.

  9. Unfortunately you probably can't sell it because people associate rings from marriages that ended in divorce as bad luck and a pawn shop will give you almost nothing for what you paid. a diamonds resale value sucks really bad. They are only worth so much because of heavy advertising and it becoming socially required to have a giant rock.
    I personally went for a nice gorgeous hand carved antique setting and then a 1.5 carat moissanite that is perfect in cut, clarity, and color and sparkles brighter than any diamond I've seen. at least 3 times per week I get asked where I got "such a beautiful sparkly white diamond" by other ladies (no one can tell it's not a diamond by just looking at it with naked eyes). Plus it has the same strength and hardness as a diamond too 🙂 just saying

  10. Lamya LA says:

    I am 23 and i have been divorced twice, I am still keeping my 2 wedding rings, not that because i love my exes, but i really do love my rings i like them, i like how they look on my hand and how they are soft and nice.

  11. Aliyah norah says:

    she is obsessed with her ex ! she can't believe they r no longer together !

  12. Stop talking about your ex..he is your EX. Don't look at that ring again. That ring represents your time together and that is no more. Don't torture yourself with it. You are a lovely girl with your whole life ahead of you. Fine, have a vlog about whatever you are into or just the single mother aspect of things,but leave your ex OUT of all of it. I will betcha he is not thinking about you the way you are about him. I would not give him anymore airtime-literally or figuratively.You seem like a nice girl and deserve better. I just think certain things should be private-I would not put anymore on YouTube. Sometimes the love of your life turns out to be your second husband. All best to you.

  13. Hi, Don't overthink it. If it's confusing, put it away and wait until clarity sets in. Me, I removed the diamonds and mad earrings with them and sold the gold. 🙂 Oh and I just recently found your videos on accident but, now love them and think they are great for others going through a divorce. I too am divorced and just recently remarried after 6+ years divorced. Second time around is sweeter. :-)

  14. Vulcan says:

    sale it ,it dont mean anything your not married

  15. Vulcan says:

    sale it ,it dont mean anything your not married

  16. Dani Ansari says:

    If I hated my theoretical ex-husband, I feel like I'd have fun melting the ring down into a figure of a tiny hand with "the finger" sticking up. There would also be a tiny diamond on each nail. I'd keep it with the rest of my chachkas… kind of like a trophy.
    If I didn't hate him, though, I'd just sell it no matter how little I got for it.

  17. Gaz Smith says:

    I assume your rings were bought by him with his money before you were married. You should return them to him so he can sell them. You don't want him but you want his rings / money

  18. Nikki Carter says:

    I actually had a three different rings, however I was married for 20 years. my first was a gold band with an 1/2 ct typical E-ring. My second set I got when I had my youngest son a band similar to yours. And for our 10 year wedding anniversary I received a 2ct ring with diamonds on the side. To hear someone say return it is ridiculous as more than half my life was spent with this person and well I paid for part of it too. I dismantled the later of the rings and made earings with the side diamonds and put the other stones away for my kids when they are older.

  19. I just saw this shared on Facebook. you asked what I did with mine, well… not specifically me but I had our rings melted down and made jewelry for my girls. :-)

  20. Gross. Marriage is a contract. You broke the contract ('in sickness and in health'). The ring should be returned.

  21. this is an old video, you most likely all ready did what ever with your ring, but as you asked, my 10 year sexless mirage, that really ended little over 7 and a half years, being my guts told me she was cheating, but I didn't have any video proof for over a year, long before we were devoiced, witch took for ever, and even to this very day our separation of assets has yet to be resolved that I know of, with over 67.000.00$ in insurance money from the loss of our home, do to a very strange flooding of it, witch I have on video what happened. the finds as far as I know are still in my ex's lawyer trust, but then again I don't know, as 3 years ago I was told by my lawyer it was going to trail on a set date, to this day he has not contacted me, or returned any of my calls or email, any why my ring, after I had lots of video proof she was cheating, it went to the bottom of my favored fly in fishing camp, I took her to many times, so that is were my ring is, my guts tell me my lawyer was paid off, as her boss is very well of and would do anything for her

  22. If i have gf like she's then probably will commit suicide !! she publish any moment of life .So silly.

  23. I'm a divorced women I bought my wedding ring not only the ring also my golden jewellery and went in a vacation in Malaysia

  24. You don't want him but you want his rings? You are an abomination

  25. Ladies. You don't want him but you want to keep his rings. This is why you will never be equal to men.

  26. mikeje305 says:

    Lady you're all over the place ,I Like having a lot of sex what about you

  27. Have it turned into a pendant.

  28. i pawned both my rings and paid bills he stuck me with

  29. (for the ppl telling her she needs to give it back per marriage contract ect..) actually the engagement ring is a contractual thing. if you do not get married you have to return the engagement ring. once you get married, the contract is filled, and she does not have to return it to him. thats only if she wants to or not. not legally or morally obligated. selling diamonds you only get a portion of what they are worth. they usually give u more for the gold then the actual diamond. (also u want to check gold prices before ) taking the diamonds out, and having the gold melted into something else is a cool idea too, you can always add the diamonds into something else. make 2 rings for your boys for when they are old enuff to have a wife.(just some ideas) wish u the best, love&light,

  30. +CandidMommy I don't remember what my mother did with hers after Dad left. HOWEVER… I'm currently wearing the ring that was my father's. I'm incredibly grateful that he kept his. When I asked him to have it for my wedding band he replied with "There are a lot of good years there. Good to see it's going to be used by a man who wants more good years to come." ~15 years for my parents, 23 years for me and my wife. That's not a bad track record. I see it as "redemptive" in a way.

  31. Alma MUY says:

    no second thought. I would sell period. I did sold mine after divorced. I do not like to see it forever lol no way worse and bad luck to keep it. no reason to keep it just makes your feel worse and reminds the pain.

  32. That's a nice heavy fist can u punch hard u should pop a guy's mouth nose break his face for being a dick

  33. Can u punch hard that's a nice fist

  34. Get a pair of brass knuckles I worry about u getting into a fight to be safe

  35. U got some big heavy fists get a pair of brass knuckles all buy u a pair so youl be safe

  36. Katie S says:

    i took my $7200 wedding set and threw it ofdnthe santa monica pier after my divorce.

  37. One option is to give the ring to a couple who are financially unable to get a quality set. Paying it forward is the absolute best thing to do with it.

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