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January 20, 2017
Romantic Spring Garden Wedding by Amanda Douglas Events
January 20, 2017

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It’s been something of a wild week. On Tuesday morning, after lots of work and stress (and you know, money), I moved APW into our new two thousand-square-foot offices in East Oakland, and ever since then our team has been hard at work putting up shelves, painting doors, and putting together conference tables (you can follow our progress over on the Instagram feed for The Compact). We have our little suite of offices, and next door we’ve created a photo and event studio, where we can produce creative work and have parties. (And yes, watch for us renting it out for things like small photoshoots.)

But today, we hosted our first event in the space, and it was a difficult one. We’ve been here all morning, with friends, loved ones, and a small pile of kids, watching the inauguration. Not because it was something we wanted to watch, but because it was something many of us felt that we needed to watch, and because community is important during these dark and fearful times.

I’m glad we now have a clubhouse to create magic and community in. But I’m sad that we all need that magic and community so desperately right now.

I’m not going to call the hours today anything close to happy. But here we are. Together. Let’s use that for good.




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