What Is the Correct Way to Wear Wedding Rings? : Wedding Dresses & Bridal Fashion

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December 13, 2016
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December 13, 2016

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The correct way to wear a wedding ring is on the left finger. Find out about the correct way to wear a wedding ring with help from an expert who is known as the liaison to the designers in this free video clip.

Expert: Tali Gallo
Filmmaker: Michael Watkins

Series Description: Wedding dresses are one of the most important elements of a bride’s big day. Get tips on wedding dresses and other bridal wear with help from an expert who is known as the liaison to the designers in this free video series.



  1. Kelly Connor says:

    Just FYI: Traditionally, the engagement ring — typically the ring with the stone —  is worn on the left ring finger until the wedding day. On the day, it is moved to the right hand so the groom may place the wedding band — typically the plainer of the two rings — on the left ring finger so that you may move the engagement ring over when the ceremony is complete. You show it correctly on your hand in the video, but are explaining it backwards. http://www.mervisdiamond.com/blog/2012/12/how-to-wear-your-engagement-wedding-rings/

  2. Nto5GB says:

    I have always heard and believed that you were engaged first, so that ring goes first on the third finger, left hand. Then you are married and the wedding ring goes on top of engagement ring to solidify the relationship. I have never heard of it being worn any other way! I have always worn mine this way!

  3. Of course, the traditions could be different in different cultures, but in most cultures, as Kelly Pendergrass pointed out, the engagement ring is switched to the right hand during the wedding ceremony, and placed above the new wedding ring, so that the wedding ring itself is closest to the heart. Unless it's an Irish Claddaugh…which would be one ring that serves as engagement and wedding ring.

  4. Katie LaTour says:

    our minister advised that I was to remove my engagement ring before my wedding ceremony and place it on my right hand…. after my vows, my husband would place the wedding ring on my finger closest to my heart. this ring is a symbol of our vows and is to NEVER be removed. the engagement ring could be placed back on my finger on top of my wedding band AFTER the ceremony!

  5. Patrick Law says:

    Thanks for the info! It was very helpful. You got me on target!!?

  6. Kelly Jerry says:

    Please my question is right or left?

  7. Steve Way says:

    my girl has to switch hands every other month because of the weight of the stone, if she leaves it on one hand too long the muscles in her arm get noticeably big from the work out it takes to hold up the huge stone

  8. The idea of a women wearing a dimond ring for a symbol of matrimony hasn't been around that long.. not even a 100 years. But yet we see them so high in wedding demands we are blind to see what dimond corparations have done. Even with the people knolagable, they will want that crystallized carbon rock

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