Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam – Adam Ruins Everything

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December 12, 2016
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December 12, 2016

…but you’ll still end up buying one.

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  1. Why is there an Advertisement for Diamond rings on a video about how Diamond rings are a scam?

  2. Ed Murphy says:

    lmao. I couldn't imagine Adam cussing. It was awesome to hear him cuss

  3. Sky Flier says:

    No joke there was some Buzzfeed Engagement Ring Challenge ad on this video.

  4. Sky Flier says:

    No joke there was some Buzzfeed Engagement Ring Challenge ad on this video.

  5. I now what to do! I shall MAKE a ring, from some dense metal and with a combination of me and my partners birthstone. Still effectively worthless, but the effort shows alot. (Also colorful)

  6. Bekah L. says:

    I'm confused Adam, I thought rich people gave engagement rings before the 30's? Look at Rose's huge whopper in the Titanic, I thought the Victorians at least wore rings…? And before that? I am cnofused

  7. cooper g says:

    Instead of diamonds get moisanite. Its basicly diamonds but 10% cheaper and more sparkely and shiny.

  8. I get away with carbon tungstein.

    Gold can stand the heat of our hearts for each others and its as strong as our relationship.

  9. AKamation says:

    I fucking love this series.

  10. Mike L says:

    When you learn from collegehumor and adamruinseverything..YOU realize that nothing is true.
    Everything, is permitted.

  11. Ectos says:

    dont drop your diamonds

  12. Ectos says:

    dont drop your diamonds

  13. Daniel Zhang says:

    I had a BuzzFeed ad before this video.

  14. I knew this before this video. that's exactly why I don't like diamonds. They're not even that pretty. Plus 4k is spent on much better things than a rock.

  15. I don't need a ring, I need memes

  16. I already knew this and I'm only 12

  17. ng xin loo says:

    I will request a gaming console(latest one) and a dojo with weapons in that dojo as my wedding gift.

  18. morrlogic03 says:

    Dat who hurt you tho.

  19. grimfate says:

    The moral of this entire show seems to be that there is a huge issue with big business… or the power of marketing.

  20. I didn't even know engagement rings were a thing

  21. love this one. Dude literally cusses n shit in this one n is savage about the truth

  22. Aplexy 78 says:

    I got a engagement ring commercial

  23. Shangrily says:

    i got a plain gold band with our names on the inside. that was years ago the gold value has gone up a lot since then, and since i am related to the jeweler if I got a good price

  24. Bob Stone says:

    what about moissanite rings?

  25. Simon Wied says:

    Rings are a symbol of marriage though so people know your married

  26. Tusenbensen says:

    I don't need a diamond, but I still want a ring

  27. yjNeb a says:

    You should also talk about how many of the workers are amputated and ruined because of all this diamond madness!

  28. I can sense some George Carlin in this video.

  29. Venkatesh M says:

    Practically Pearls must be costly than Diamonds and Platinum !

  30. dngale41 says:

    Just pick a different gem. Seriously.

  31. Maxilla Ross says:

    I've been watching these videos of Adam ruining everything and it's mostly of companies, governments and people holding the monopoly of almost everything.

    Now I can't stop thingking about the Schnee Dust Company and Dust like Holy Shiz I am really obsessed with this show, especially Weiss like WTF?

  32. Julio Bello says:

    I got an ad for an engagement ring lmao

  33. A Laly says:

    I knew all of this before the video, and I still want a diamond ring with sapphires, my birthstone or the stone of whatever month we met in, his choice.

  34. grocker5789 says:

    I got an ad about engagement rings from BUZZFEED before this?

  35. OOGLY BOOGLY says:

    I went the route of sterling silver and no gems and our wedding bands are titanium. Absofuckinglutly no complaints. That ring is just a shiny decoration that amounts to money just sitting on a finger. I do like the symbolism behind the rings, even if they were originally just iron rings, back in Roman times that really didn't have some sort of romantic connotation.

  36. Emily Smith says:

    I wanna see the puppy video…

  37. Leejk says:

    That ending is the part I was thinking about the whole time and the real kicker. I don't want to support the organisation monopolising it and I don't want to be spending a large amount of money just because some advertising yet trying anything different in most circumstances would make me the arsehole. Most of these Adam Ruins Everything videos seem to have a big link which is advertisement creating the values and ideas we live by and have.

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