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December 19, 2016
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December 19, 2016

Hi Guys! I ordered some jewelry from https://www.wish.com/ and am sharing my purchases with you today!

I purchased 4 necklaces and a bracelet for myself. I also purchased gifts that I do not show in the video.

I am very happy with some of my purchases but was disappointed with some as well…check it out to see which ones!

Instagram: AmandaWardS
Twitter: amwards29

*All items were purchased myself, with my money. I was not asked/am not being imbursed for this review.



  1. Maggie Joyce says:

    I found over $200.00 from Wish…..6 times! I shop on line regularly, so I can only assume it is a problem with their website, which would be fine if only THEY would address this issue. I've sent several emails, with phone # included & requested nicely for them to call me, so that we may rectify the issue. Maggie Joyce P.S. Many were purchases for other people who are expecting them!

  2. I suppose you get what you pay for ? However, my experiences with Wish weren't really bad so far

  3. You know what would make this video better?
    If you spelt jewellery right!

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