☼ QUICK TIP: How to Make your Engagement Ring REALLY Sparkle! (Cheap, Easy & Effective) ☼

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December 14, 2016
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December 14, 2016


I love it when my engagement ring sparkles, but I HATE having to go to the jewelry store just to see it really shine. In this video, I show you how to skip that step and simply clean your rings at home, with several products that can be readily available wherever you might be at a low cost and an effective outcome. ♡




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  1. Quashania says:

    Just tried it and loved it. Its really shinny. Thank you

  2. My wife wants to know often should she should clean her ring, its taken a bit of a pounding since we got married.

  3. Rosy Daryl says:

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  4. This helped me so much. I am in love with my ring that I got. I am doing this method  right now! I will share my results in 30 minutes to an hour

  5. another way put for 10 minutes in a small glass of vodka.

  6. Xjr5rjX says:

    That's a beautiful ring. May I ask how many carats it is? and where can I find such a ring? (beautiful feminine band and big round diamond I mean).

  7. Dawn Ultra 2x works way faster and KA POWWWW…….put on the sunglasses. In fact, it's SO powerful, I noticed just from randomly washing my hands with it. YES…..it works THAT quick (even without the toothbrush)….NO EXAGGERATION!!! Lol Also, Gain liquid laundry detergent (that I normally let soak in hot water with use of a toothbrush) is just as effective as the Dawn Ultra. :-)

  8. Mr J. says:

    What else could I use other than a toothbrush?

  9. Ben Drowned says:

    Does this work on rubies?

  10. I've been told to use a brand new baby toothbrush to scrub the rings, and everywhere I've read, people say using the original blue Dawn is the best and some say the only thing to use, but honestly, I use any dishwashing liquid and it all seems to work out fine. Sometimes, and I don't know if this will hurt anything, but I add a small splash of vinegar or ammonia-free glass cleaner in with the water. Sometimes, after cleaning them, I turn the rings stone side down in a alcohol-just enough to comer the stones for a few minutes. I'm not sure if you're supposed to leave the alcohol on or not, but I usually rinse it, and if I've got the time, I take the hair dryer to the rings and dry the stones that way, but most of the time, I just set my rings to air dry on some paper towels. Or, if anyone of you is lucky enough to have a jewelry steamer and ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, that's the way to go.

  11. Oh, I already just posted a comment, but forgot to thank you for posting this. While this is old hat to me, there are newbies out there that don't know what to do. It's nice people like you that educate us.


  13. arien fire says:

    Never use soap on emeralds!

  14. I used to clean my rings like this but I have to say, the best solution I have found for cleaning my rings is to soak them in Windex. No scrubbing needed, which can loosen the stones if you aren't careful. Just soak, rinse and dry.

  15. just wondering how your ring has held up am looking to order the same one with matching wedding band and hoping it still looks just as lovely as it does in the video

  16. betaomega04 says:

    If you take your ring in to a shop that knows what they’re doing, they’re going to inspect the ring with a gemscope first to make sure that you don’t have any loose stones and to check for other potential damage. Most of the time, an un-aided eye cannot tell if a stone is loose. The big risk that you take while trying to clean rings at home is that potentially loose stones might actually be held in place by all the gunk and stuff that’s built up on the ring! So when you’re at home and put it the solution, let it sit, pull it out and start brushing it, you may not even know that a stone may have fallen out, and if you prematurely pour the solution out, you might incidentally pour a diamond down the drain!

    I’ll be honest. I’m a jeweler and can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been able to identify loose stones before cleaning the ring. It isn’t a ploy (necessarily lol) for us to get you to give us your money, rather, ethical jewelers just want you to know that your ring could be further compromised if they proceed to clean it. IF there are issues and IF a stone comes out during the cleaning process, it would at least happen in a controlled environment and the chance of recovering a tiny tiny diamond is highly probable. Think of it this way: it’s better if a stone comes out in the store instead of your home, where it will certainly be lost forever!

    As far as what a jeweler is going to use to clean your ring: a gemscope to identify any potential issues, an untra-sonic cleaning machine that oscillates a warm ammonia-based cleaning solution, likely a soft-bristled toothbrush, alcohol to help rinse off excess solution, and if they have it, a steam machine to remove any other impurities and makes your diamonds shine like crazy! Unless you have this type of specialized equipment at home, there’s no way your rings can truly be at 100%.

  17. hello will this also work with a fake diamond ring or do you have other suggestion

  18. Kayla Mary says:

    Great video thanks!! Your ring is stunning!! Is it tacori??

  19. Windex will work as well with a soft tooth brush after you use the dish soap,then rinse and dry. Alot of people use tooth paste which isnt good because it will eventually get gunked up and will have to be sent away to be cleaned.

  20. Jenny Love says:

    Emeralds actually need extra care because they are softer than Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies

  21. Wish Bone says:

    Her husband is a plumber. Trying to drum up some business for her family.

  22. Mabrook Khan says:

    Why are you showing ur viewers to do this over a kitchen sink. Pretty irresponsible considering even an inadvertent mistake could end up with a very valuable ring down the drain.

  23. Ruth Brown says:

    i would like to said that thank you very much for your jewelry trip and did does work. thank you very much

  24. colakwok says:

    Just use the ultra sonic clean

  25. Will this work with a morganite

  26. bryan brilz says:

    Great way to crack your stone

  27. Carib Spice says:

    It's best to remove the ring first as opposed to dumping out the water. You can accidentally pour the ring down the sink! However, I place a strainer or plug my sink just in case. You just never know when things might happen.

  28. Linda Sturm says:

    A very soft toothbrush is best because a firm brush can possibly push the tiny stones out, that are going down each side of the ring. I have done it.

  29. shgfe3ay says:

    What specs are you ring? 1.2 ct? D vs1? Good cut?

  30. shgfe3ay says:

    looks like a cubic zircona, no offence

  31. I was totaly watching the ring washing

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