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December 11, 2016
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December 11, 2016

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Engagement rings symbolize love, devotion, and a commitment of forever. But in Hollywood the bling means a whole lot more…And they costs a whole lot more. And since we can’t resist staring at their oversized, overpriced, and over the top rocks, we are taking a look at the craziest celebrity engagement rings of all time.

Lady Gaga
Kim Kardashian
Jennifer Lopez
Blake Lively
Jennifer Aniston
Angelina Jolie
Amber Heard
Amal Clooney

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  1. itsElisa says:

    i like the rings but they look all so similiar to me and i dont want to know what the real wedding rings cost

  2. blake and kim's ring was the best ♡

  3. I felt my eyes welling up when I saw lady gaga's ring. I wanna wear that . I want it that bad.

  4. Love says:

    Amal clooney.

  5. Dee Francis says:

    One day I'll get a rock like that! Well, if I don't I'll say no, lol!

  6. Pasta Tasha says:

    My favorite is Heidi Klum's yellow diamond ring

  7. Queen B's ring looks so simple, but its not. It's like a small really expensive work of art. It has the class Beyoncé has, and style to what ever she wears. I say queen B's big and gorgeous symbol of commitment, wins.

  8. Actually i LOVE Lady Gaga's ring it is so beautiful♥

  9. tiana mik says:

    j lo nip slip tho~

  10. Kyanna Scot says:

    I like Beyonce and Lady gaga and Jennifer Lopez

  11. sarah khan says:

    what about nicki minaj's ring with her engagement to meek mill

  12. Julio Ibarra says:

    Lady Gaga's ring is soooooooo beautiful. A ring of love, not a lujurious thing

  13. I love the rose gold
    it's beautiful

  14. Fatima Noor says:

    I like Lady Ga Ga's ring

  15. ari cat says:

    Children starving….elderly without care…special needs put into asylums when families can't afford to take care of them….And an 8 F'N MILLION dollar ring…8..F'N million…..dollars…..

    ….F it…..F It All

  16. I looove Kim kardashians ring

  17. Ridiculous engagement rings which look fake due to their sizes. Some of them looked fake and now you can purchase fake diamonds that will pass the genuine test. Now go out and test the diamonds?

  18. r vin says:

    Mariah Carey has the most expensive ring with 7.1 million dollars

  19. สามีฉันบอกว่าพวกดารานี่ หละทำให้เพชรราคาแข่งกันขึ้นราคา?

  20. Why are the rings bigger then my future…

  21. Kim Kardashian's engagement ring is HUGE

  22. Mariah Carey ring..!!!!!! the most expensive ring ever


  24. All my JLOVERS probably clicked cause they were hoping Casper proposed to Jennifer! Damn now I'm upset!

  25. Well now we know why Kanye West is broke. ?

  26. Actually I think their worth has dropped since the diamond market has been suffering from inflation, just as any other mineral market, i.e oil prices being ridiculously low rn.

  27. Eugenie X says:

    Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez (pink diamond) were my favorite. I hate yellow gold so didn't find some of them pretty (would love a princess cut set in platinum).

  28. Emma says:

    Those rings looked so fake

  29. Elizabeth Taylors rings from Richard Burton were beautiful too…

  30. JENNY FROM THE BLOCK OMGGGG LOL check out j lo and jennifer neddles my house lol

  31. Engagement ring –  price tag for a hooker.

  32. I like how she said that Beyoncé's ring was ONLY 18 carrats???

  33. Annisa Hakim says:

    Jhony deep ring….

  34. Kenneth Mack says:

    Mariah's ring is 8 million & 35 carats. It's one of the most expensive rings in the world. OG QUEEN OF BLING.

  35. Mahacaine A says:

    My personal favoriteis Mary Kate Olsen engagement ring. So beautiful.

  36. E.M.H says:

    Mariah Carey has a 10 million dollar ring

  37. avani ahuja says:

    Half of these people aren't together anymore and Kim's ring got stolen, man one year does change a lot

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