Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher’s Wedding Rings Are From Etsy – CONAN on TBS

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December 14, 2016
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December 14, 2016

CONAN Highlight: Mila & Ashton didn’t want to break the bank with their rings, so they found some a great deal online.

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  1. Mike Hill says:

    It is not the size(or flashiness) of either the engagement or wedding bands. But what each represent. I wish Ashton and Mila success in their marriage, alas some do not; Ashton + Demi debacle.

  2. Everyone realizes that this isn't her engagement ring, right?

  3. Mild milf milf milf milfffff

  4. Kounad says:

    now if that was jackie there she would've probably slapped michael and tell him to go get a more expensive ring

  5. Rain bow says:

    TRUMP for 2016

  6. she is literally me in not married but i personaly would hav use for a ostentatious ring id rather use the money for a trip or something

  7. xtafpfhr says:

    would have been cool if she'd mentioned the name of the Etsy seller t give them some business since she likes their product so much

  8. Adub Htown says:

    Mila just got paid.

  9. I was in the audience for this :)

  10. I shipped them in that 70s show I ship them even more in real life

  11. DodgeCast says:

    Aww…..Shut up Meg.

  12. Mila is great, always a fun guest; funny, genuine, energetic

  13. That's amazing! I've never understood the girls who want the biggest rocks that cost a fortune as if that's the only reason for them to get married…

  14. Chels T says:

    I just went to the court house. Lol! My ring was only 15 bucks because it's sterling silver! BEAT THAT!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!

  15. Mila Kunis is a jewish princess

  16. Ivelina Kr says:

    There are pretty AND expensive rings on etsy as well

  17. Honestly, Etsy is a pretty cool place to buy jewelry.

  18. Similar story for me. My engagement ring was a couple hundred bucks because my husband wanted to get me the best ring he could afford, but the total cost of our wedding bands was $30 from Amazon. Wedding rings are supposed to be symbols of love and devotion, it shouldnt matter how much you spend on them.

  19. Pinky Malin says:

    Hell!!! For me grab any ol' rock from the yard, glue on some glitter and super glue it to any one ring and I'm yours. LOL

  20. Kali Hensley says:

    My wedding ring was on sale for $25 my husbands was like $100.

  21. Walter V says:

    wow bro she is the perfect woman. my xgirl and I once talked about marriage I told her I wasn't rich but that the ring wouldn't matter as long as we loved each other.
    she said this.
    "the day that I get married my husband better buy me a nice diamond ring".
    my heart was broken and still is.

  22. TheCuoo says:

    She acts like 90 $ is nothing. What a snob!

  23. Botshapa says:

    She's the type of wife that'll give you a blowie and get up and make you breakfast. A keeper

  24. etsy has legit pricey nice jewellery… it just means you're buying directly from the maker. i'm surprised i was only 90$

  25. Sabrina says:

    Is she the chick from the movie Bad Moms?

  26. Miranda says:

    omg!!!!!!!! i can't beleive she bought the ring i made for her.

  27. Love when she says "these poor people at etsy didn't know whose wedding ring they were making" and tries to cover that with "polite, generous…" ahah, still love her.

  28. Meg Griffin says:

    Hello Everyone
    I Hope You Have A Great And Demonic Day

  29. SangIn Jung says:



  31. The rings are now on etsy as; "Mila Kunis Wedding Ring" … subtle…

  32. lola ashton says:

    Lol I got me hand me down wedding bands and my husband bought a 500 ring for himself lol

  33. Bae Bao says:

    Who's here after watching GradeAunderA

  34. KDM8 says:

    grade A anyone ?

  35. Meg Griffin says:

    I Shouldn't Have Watched This

  36. I hate to see her when she gets anger


  37. No 'shut up Meg' comments yet??

  38. cosimone says:

    Who else is here because of GradeAUnderA

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