RAVE REVIEW: PalmBeach Jewelry

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December 12, 2016
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December 13, 2016

Hi guys – a company called PalmBeach Jewelry contacted me to review a piece of their jewelry and here are my thoughts..
Be sure to check out their website . They are graciously offering my viewers 20% off using this link : http://www.palmbeachjewelry.com/?hdlk=352228

If you are interested in my ring, here is the link to it…

Be sure to friend them on Facebook too for extras deals and giveaways!

Thank you again to PalmBeach Jewelry to for sending me the ring and allowing me to review one of their pieces!



  1. @sek4me Thank you Susie! Its such a sparkler! haha OMG your comment had me laughing! I know…petee needs to see my list!! Peeps says hi!

  2. @debbick1 Thank you so much! Its such a lil sparkler!! You will be hooked like I am once you check out that site! :D

  3. @BentleyBlonde Thank you Wendy! :D

  4. @courbry123 Thank you! Oh how lucky for you if they have a store!! They have beautiful jewelry!

  5. cardingsan says:

    beautiful ring , oh they dont ship to the uk ,

  6. @cardingsan thanks! aww that's a shame!

  7. @BarrysDaughter that's right you did!! :D

  8. @iloveshimmerlipgloss Hiya Missy! Everythings good on this end!
    Oh no, I didn't get any message from you!! Hope you and Ross are doing well too! xoxo

  9. @ciaracharger07 they sure do!

  10. I love your reviews 🙂 you're one of my favorites on here!

  11. @ShesBeauty77 aww thank you so much! I appreciate that!

  12. @makeupaddict2416 OMG thank you so much! I appreciate that!! xoxo

  13. @tracie0419 Hi Tracie! Welcome to my channel!! I actually did a video explaining what eyeshadow I was wearing that day because I had several comments about it..i would tell you but now I forgot! haha

  14. @ladybugcarrie hahaha Love him!!

  15. @01fancynancy oohhweee – you hear QVC – hire me! haha Aww thank you SO much!! I really appreciate that!

  16. nicktesla45 says:

    Very Very true ! They have really Wonderfull stuff !

  17. Hi,are the stones glued in or are they diamond set with claws. And also a tip,in order to keep the stones sparkly,dont touch the stones with your fingers,it makes them dull. :)

  18. me too I ordered from this company and I love it!!

  19. will that ring tarnish with water?

  20. LIKE A BOSS says:

    you made me laugh. just as I was admiring your beautiful nails you say "don't mind my man hands" I don't see it …. God that ring is BEAUTIFUL!

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