Shopkins Glitzi Globe Jewelry Maker Craft Kit with Minty

Lana’s Indian Wedding Jewellery
December 18, 2016
My Glamulet Jewelry REVIEW
December 18, 2016

Minty returns! Minty and I make some Shopkins themed Glitzi Globe jewelry! Watch as I make a ring, necklace, bracelet and more!

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  1. Gigi Gem says:

    I love your videos and you are my favorite channel so thank you for all you've done

  2. Gigi Gem says:

    Thank you for having minty in this video

  3. yayayayayayayayYayayay

  4. bincy terby says:

    yes another video with minty

  5. donatello21 says:

    yes, plz. more vids w/ minty. she's sooo adorable. :3 :)

  6. Nika Rogar says:

    Yeyyy Minty I ADORE You Minty ?

  7. Nika Rogar says:

    And I Missed You Alot Minty Where Have You Been?

  8. OK OK says:

    the first time I watched ur video I found out about shopkins and since then I have seen them every were

  9. Nika Rogar says:

    I Want To See More Videos With Minty ?

  10. OMG I'm following you on Instagram, YAY! BTW my Instagram account name is Carissa_35

  11. Is minty a my little pony

  12. +Toy Reviews For You more thrift store!

  13. Ciara Meeks says:

    Yay Minty is back i missed her.

  14. Yes do more vids with minty!!!

  15. Emily Lamere says:

    how often do you do a video?

  16. Please do a review on Lil Lockitz Sweet Set

  17. the more Minty the better, she always makes me smile

  18. Yay Minty is back ! She really miss me !

  19. how come minty only shows up sometimes.

  20. Emmie Murrow says:

    I'm am your number one fan

  21. msp reviews says:

    add minty she's soooo cute

  22. her name is sweet scent

  23. +Toy Reviews For You I have noticed that the pencil topper had a pink spot is that suppost to look like that???

  24. can you talk louder plz

  25. my volume is on hundred

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