ShopMissA Makeup/Jewelry Haul & Review

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December 17, 2016
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December 17, 2016

HUGE ShopmissA Haul and review by Ciarahoneydip – Here is a haul and review of the ShopMissA website. Surprisingly, everything on the site is $1 so I picked out a TON of stuff to try out and let you guys know if it’s a slam or scam. Watch for more!

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LED Teeth Whitening Kit:
Get it for just $25 using coupon code: “smile23”
Coupon Code will make the price of the kit drop from $99 to $25 at checkout!


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  1. alex99fever says:

    How much is shipping?

  2. same name twins 

  3. Ashley F says:

    Is there a coupon code for this website?

  4. Annie Nguyen says:

    I love your style and your beautiful <3

  5. Hey thanks for doing this. 🙂 How long did shipping take? Everything looks like pretty good quality!

  6. layyy 0426 says:

    How long did it take for all of that stuff to come??

  7. I love this website. Its a great way to get cute accesories on a budget. And the quality is amazing

  8. I just went on a huge shopping spree on that site.

  9. I order mine july 10th I never got my order , I don't think this sight is for real

  10. Vanessaad 21 says:

    What's the name of the website? 

  11. Zen says:

    ur really pretty (;

  12. $1 for everything and it all looks great. I love the jewelry the site is worth checking out.

  13. Karley 123 says:

    Are fake eyelashes reusable

  14. Just ordered from the MISS A website! I spent 20 bucks on a nice amount of earrings, nail polish, & make up! And by he shipping was only 3.95! Thanks for this review girl! ?

  15. I'll be purchasing 

  16. Omg definetly a slam it is awesome and what's the name of the leafy ring? I want to get that for my cousin because that's the ring she designed on dungeons and dragons :

  17. Owl Music says:

    that eyeliner/pencil is so cute, I'm getting one next haul e-e

  18. Thanks for the awesome review, you are gorgeous! Much love ???

  19. Melz J says:

    I spent $30 on stuff and will def order more…Definitely a Slam!! 

  20. Hi Ciara, I'm actually planning to put in an order with this company. Any makeup products you liked, or any you advise me AGAINST? lol Enjoyed your video! :)

  21. I ordered some pieces and I'm hooked I tell everyone I know about it it can be very addictive 

  22. curli-lettey says:

    Not to be oh so matchy-matchy but that pink lipstick goes well with the nail polish you had on as well as the pink star earrings, ijs, otherwise – good haul.
    I racked up on the jewelry and socks but next time I will get some of the makeup for springtime.

  23. Tamara White says:

    The eyeshadows are baked. They are more pigmented if you dampen your brush. 

  24. New subscriber tfs hun

  25. How's The Shipping From This Website? Love You Girl!! ❤

  26. Janet Janet says:

    Where did you get that OBEY hat?

  27. Are the earings nickel free?

  28. Monica Pham says:

    Wishing I could be you right now :(

  29. Natz Andrade says:

    How good is the jewelry quality? Does it feel like cheap?

  30. Jessica Love says:

    I LOVE that website!! I've ordered from them 3 times already & doubled on the lashes. This is an amazing website!!!! Shipping is super cheap. ❤️

  31. Jessica Love says:

    The lashes on are great!! I order like 6-10 pairs at a time. I love them!! @MeowmeowJillybean

  32. Been looking into ShopMissA, I'm so excited to try and order these products now, Thank you so much for your review about the makeup!

  33. New subby!! your so gorgeous!!

  34. how do you get them to let you do a review

  35. fukkk offf says:

    i live in houston so hopefully its here by monday since im only 3 hours away from shopmissa company

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