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SJ Shrubsole’s magnificent coaching brooch.
December 11, 2016
How to Gift-Wrap Jewelry : Home Decor & Gifts
December 11, 2016

Paras Fashions in Surrey BC – 304-8128 128th Street, Surrey BC Payal Business Centre …They don’t sell online yet, but if you live local to Vancouver make sure to visit their brand new store in Payal Business Centre
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  1. IamWaruna says:

    O m g churiya galoreee?? too bad i live in the netherlands?

  2. Rima Z says:

    Are the earrings clip ons? If not, they allow you to try on the earrings? I'm just wondering for hygiene purposes, etc

  3. Twinkle says:

    You're lovely and look a bit like Sonakshi Sinha :)

  4. JESS K says:

    Omg your so pretty. What brand eyelashes are you wearing they look great on you

  5. omg! such pretty jewelry..too bad i live in the UK :(

  6. PlanetUbla says:

    Hi Mona l just love your video and I specially went to that shop and bought set and nose ring . I'm from Vancouver island (Duncan) …thanks dear

  7. perfect make up! You look so Cool!

  8. This is heaven for indians?

  9. Khoobsoorat kinna hai aye store, jee kirda sara kuch lailoo. Amazing store.

  10. u are not so beautiful without makeup

  11. as always love watching ur videos, thanx so much for providing this info, i live in cali not canada 🙁 but still have a better idea about the prize tags now!! :):)

  12. very good collections.
    visit:- Jewellery portal India, Best jewellery shop in India

  13. i m selling jwelry
    i have my page visit there only serious person oreder me
    its delivery free

  14. where is this shop?

  15. Kaysha says:

    A lot of cute glittery jewelry
    That neckless at 4:44 suits you very well

  16. please thel me where is this shops

  17. Loved the jewellery <3 U look awesome! xx

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