Winey Thursday Caught up in Reviews and Jared’s Jewelry Man

DIY Cluster Pearl Earrings Tutorial | Wedding Jewelry Series | eclecticdesigns
December 14, 2016
Jewelry Review Christmas Gift idea ^ ^
December 14, 2016


  1. Shala Garcia says:

    Love your hair ☺️

  2. Yep I always go straight for the reviews who didn't like the product LOL!

    LMAO at Cora telling you no. It's hard to discipline in public I would usually just leave if my son decided to show his booty while I was out. At home we had a time out chair.

  3. Parisqueen14 says:

    I work at a daycare and I stay mostly in the one year old room and as far as "discipline" goes, we do what you basically said. We will gently hold there hands and say "nice touch. We don't hit our friends, teachers, etc." Then show them how to "Love" by hugging or something similar. But yea they understand, but not fully. Hope that was a little helpful haha. Glad you uploaded tonight!!

  4. I try to accentuate the good in my reviews but it can be very hard sometimes.

  5. Cheryl Hock says:

    Winey Thursday. Loved it!!….Cheers:))

  6. I watched your older videos where you showed you baby girl Cora. She was so cute imitating the darth vader sound. Cora is such a cute baby girl.

  7. I found that time outs work. And if it's past nap time then just quickly finish wat ur doing and put them to bed.

  8. My son was pretty good but i would just say no no and take whatever he had or is doing away from him and if they dont listen look them in the eye and say no no really stern and you can even hit their hand like obvi not hard

  9. What lipgloss are you wearing it is so pretty

  10. Omg! My daughter is 1 and she does the "ahh!" Sound when she drinks too because she saw me do it too lol!! It's so cute!

  11. Josie Ella says:

    Okay… where was Italian New Yorker Stila when that Jared guy was rude to you?? Cora can gibber gabber all she wants!! I would have let her touch all the counter tops with her baby prints! All the clean display cases!! lol! That guy needed an attitude adjustment. Turd. Just pick a refrigerator Stila, close your eyes and point! I understand your pain, I shopped, reviewed and price checked for tires today. For four hours. –_– The tires I chose better last a damn lifetime, I don't want to do that again for a very long time. I must have had twenty tabs open on my lap top today!

  12. Meg T says:

    Your hair looks great!!

  13. Alli Bee says:

    Glad you were feeling better today ???? We decided to buy the freezer on the bottom and have regretted it ever since…it's just so easy for toddlers to open it up…and they leave it open just a crack so you can't tell and the next time you go to open it you realize everything is frosty. Plus I feel that the side by side is much easier to organize and separate things with the shelves. With the pull out drawer, stuff just gets piled in there and you forget what's on the bottom. Just my opinion for what it's worth. Hope it helps…❤️???

  14. Cora up and walking will be the reason you don't want the freezer on the bottom. Picture ex-hubby at home with 2 year old and 1 year old….completely not paying attention to them and all the ice cream on the kitchen floor. I went in, looked at the damage, reminded him that's why you watch kids and went to bed.

  15. Freezer on the bottom fo sho! We have an LG and it's great!

  16. Kristy my husband fixes friges for a living,i asked him what is the best frig to buy,he said either whirlpool or maytag,he said side by sides are the best,but he also said the whirlpool frig bottom freezer is being made better now so if you want a bottom freezer go with a whirlpool…hope that helps!!

  17. See you already spent your fortune there so that b.. Atch that he could disrespect you. Grrrrr. I have had the same thing happen. He must not have gotten any this morning. What were you suppose to send your one year old over to play while he was helping you. Kana I would be hot. Hugs honey and. Love your hair you look awesome.

  18. AmiriyAndres says:

    Ok, I have to ask. Do you know the name of that painting on your wall (the woman behind you)? Where did you get it? I can't find it.

  19. I have 5…they were all different in the way they matured so kind of just went with it and said "no" or "no no" with an unhappy face a few times I remember smacking their hand and say no but not hard cause that's not what matters, it's the thought of it they respond like.." oh I did something I wasn't supposed to."

  20. Haley Witt says:

    I love the freezer on the bottom I can fit a lot more in it. The side door is slimed and I can't fit as many frozen pizzas in there ?

  21. Oh my gosh, your intro song hahahaha.

  22. Clara Slate says:

    Ugh. I totally do that w/reviews. Unfortunately then I become that person who bombards my FB friends with posts for first-hand recommendations, lol. Loved the video as usual. :)

  23. Kayla Pelka says:

    My 15 months old mackinze is a brat LOL I put her in her crib when she bad and shut the door for 5 munites for time out it works pretty well

  24. Michelle1995 says:

    Ahhahahahahhaahahhahah so funny an 3:56

  25. Winey-Thirsty Thursday!!! haha

  26. LadyZodiac76 says:

    I loved the video as usual BUT I won't offer any discipline advice. I was a strict parent from really young with my three. I never wanted to be embarrassed in public by my children. Or have children that irritated other people in public. I guess you have to figure out what really works best for the end result you want. I see so many women in public with children flipping out and I'm always baffled bcuz on the rare occasion I did take my children shopping they never behaved like the stuff I see. So good luck on the discipline! My children are big now as I've mentioned before (23, 17 and 15) and their behavior is still on point. TFS

  27. When r u gonna film a room tour of ur new film room

  28. peggyswain says:

    I got the double doors 8 years ago and I am just waiting for it to break so I can replace it. I hate the double doors and really want the bottom freezer. When my daughter was that age she slap me and I was so shocked that I cried. It upset her so that she never did it again.

  29. Trisha H says:

    Lol on your story telling. Loves it! Ok but this could be good news or bad news…. With my three kids none of them hit the "terrible twos" until three years of age… Not sure how that works but true story. Three was tantrums every other other hour. That said, such a good age…. Really is 🙂 under 5 is the best BEST time!

  30. Tailyn Johns says:

    We have a freezer on the bottom and it's so annoying!

  31. In Sally beauty supply you can get "Hi color reds for dark hair only" by loreal and a 30 vol creme developer and you'll get the red you want

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